Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman who owns a large number of companies across her native Angola, as well as a variety of firms outside of the country. In the decades since she entered the business world, dos Santos has led the majority of businesses to success, with this helping to make her Africa’s wealthiest woman, as well as one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Throughout this time, Isabel dos Santos has become increasingly involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts, with many of these being focused on equal treatment for women in the entrepreneurial world. As a result of this, dos Santos has become somewhat well known for her fight for equal treatment for women, of which she’s been an outspoken advocate for a considerable amount of time.

Some of this was partly driven by the challenges that Isabel dos Santos has come up against in her own career. In interviews, she’s noted that she was often second-guessed by male peers, something which typically didn’t happen for her male colleagues. Alongside this, when at events, people often assumed that she was a stay at home mother who was married to a wealthy man. This resulted in dos Santos becoming increasingly outspoken the treatment of women in the workplace, as well as in society as a whole.

The attitude that Isabel dos Santos continued to come across is something that she found was pervasive across a wide range of industries, as well as in various countries. In the business world, this translated to female-led companies receiving much less early-stage investments than the ones led by men. Because of this, dos Santos notes that women had to put much more time and effort into making their business a success and had to work with fewer resources and support than their male counterparts.

As a result of this, Isabel dos Santos has spent a considerable amount of time trying to help women in their entrepreneurial activities. There have been a variety of ways that she’s aimed to do so, such as with investments, providing access to training courses, and much more.

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