JAMES RIVERAlthough there are many challenges that come alongside starting a brand-new business, funding is among the tougher ones for most budding entrepreneurs. Helmed by CEO Paul Saunders, James River Capital is an investment firm that can take the guesswork out of securing the right funding for your venture. Here’s a closer look at how they recommend moving forward.

Thinking Beyond the Banks

Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with applying for a standard bank loan if you’re looking for funding, that may not be the best option for every startup. Banks are generally a better bet if you’re looking to fund a small business, as smaller ventures also generally add up to lower risks. It may also be possible to scrape the funds together by inviting friends or family along for the ride.

If neither of those options feels like the right fit for the company you have in mind, consider one of the following alternatives for your small to mid-sized business venture:

  • Alternative local loans. Visit your area’s business development center or chamber of commerce for helpful information and useful tips on what’s available.
  • Angel investors. Connect with investors who may be interested in working with you either online or via your personal network.
  • Crowdfunding. If you have an existing audience that would potentially be interested in helping you launch your business in exchange for attractive rewards, platforms like Kickstarter may be worth considering.

Thinking Even Larger

If the company you have in mind is large enough in scale to require $1 million in funding or higher, venture capital is likely the best way to go, but you’d be wise to enlist the help of the experts before diving in. James River Capital specializes in helping forward thinking entrepreneurs like yourself find the best possible investors for their projects. Get in touch today for more information on how venture capital can make your next business a reality.