In the last 24 months, a lot has happened in the world of investment management. However, the biggest news in 2018 was Fortress Investment Group new direction in terms of the company’s new ownership. Pundits believe that Softbank deal with the company is a game changer in the world of investment management and more specifically — in the company’s future in this niche. According to the company’s management, the deal with the Japanese entity will enable the company to achieve the following.

First, the new identity will enable the company to continue with its important projects across the globe. Fortress Investment Group remains one of the most effective companies in this niche, and the new funding was not only timely for the company but also critical for the company’s operations. According to the management, Softbank partnership will enable the company to continue creating brilliant policies and projects in the world of investments.

Second, the management of Fortress Investment Group believes that the new funding will also enable the company in expanding its efficiency. Although the company is one of the best run companies in the world of investment management, the availability of funds will enable the company to invest in research. In the investment world, making decisions from an informed point of view is vital, and the management of this firm believes that the company now has the capacity to invest more resources in research.

In addition to the purchase of this company and the new identity, the management believes that the future of the company depends on the company’s diversity in the investment world. In the last three years, for example, different principals from this company have invested in different projects. One of the principals has invested in a club in the English soccer league. The other has invested and partnered with other companies in the investment space — all with the aim of making Fortress Investment Group home to diversity.

Although the company has changed how it approaches investments and expansion, Fortress Investment Group is still home to unmatched professionalism and client-centered policies. The main reason why the company is client-centered — even after massive expansion missions in other markets — is the entity’s blueprint that views clients as the reason for the company’s existence.

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