Wes Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and a businessman who has made countless successful deals. He stays quite busy most of the time and has found that he needs to be able to disconnect from everything whenever he can. He admitted in an interview recently that it can take him up to a couple of days to completely separate himself from all of his work when he finally decides to take a break.

Wes Edens grew up in Montana, and he decided to study at Montana State for his first year in college. Looking back, he now feels that this wasn’t the best choice because he was already ready to move somewhere else. He has gone back to Montana many times during his life and still loves the state, but he is happy that he eventually moved on to study at Oregon State University. He recently commented that he had a good time at Oregon State and feels that his life kind of began there.

Wes Edens moved to New York later on in his life and believed he would just stay there for a couple of years. He has not lived in New York for more than 30 years and he continues to focus on the positive aspects of the city. He has talked about the fact that he misses nature sometimes but also feels that the good things the state of New York and NYC, itself, offers make up for this. As a businessman, he believes there is no better place for him to be.

Wes Edens considers himself to be a person with a lot of empathy as he is always trying to see things from other people’s perspectives. As an investor, this has helped him to take part in many productive deals. He has given his parents a lot of credit for bringing him up the way they did and feels they have been excellent role models. Wes Edens was recently asked of he considers himself an underdog investor, like the Wall Street Journal has claimed, and he answered by commenting that he feels that underdogs are often simply misunderstood.

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