The personnel under the direction of Tony Petrello, at Nabors Industries, have made it a point to develop a proprietary software product. The software application falls in line with the company’s unique focus of offshore and onshore oil well drilling services. The software application is quite relative, in way of improving the efficiency of drilling at the location of the site.

The software makes it possible for the operators to drill at deeper capacity levels. The software assures that where the individual is drilling is, assuredly, much more precise. The precision is in alignment with the plan of the customer.

Nabors Industries, additionally, licenses, state-of-the-art technology as it pertains to well-managed pressure style drilling operations. The technologies, make it possible for the labor force to prepare, more readily, for automatic processes and remote control operations—all pertinent to the drilling site. The technologies are available on particular branded top drives—and provide the customer and operator with an operational advantage.

Nabors Industries, under Tony Petrello’s charge, is currently operating forty-eight off-shore rigs in Alaska, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and nine other international locations. Nabors Industries is a leader, in fact, in the way of the platform drilling rig market. It provides high-end, technologically-advanced rigs, to the marketplace.

One rig, is favorably designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions with regard to high-wave intensity and blowing winds. The preceding climatic characteristics, are part of drilling operations, which happen offshore, in areas encompassing deep waters. In fact, two newly-advanced forty six hundred horse-power platform rig deployments, provided by Nabors Industries, are the largest and most highly advanced rigs—within their category. The company, pioneered the platform work-over rig market with a series of important rigs that can “rig up,” and “rig down,” within a very brief period of time.

Tony Petrello assures that Nabors Industries maintains its leadership position, as it applies to advanced equipment—in fact, the company has built its reputation on its reliable equipment. It continues, in the way of innovation and deployment of equipment, within world regions that, to say the least, are quite the challenge.

The personnel at Nabors Industries, under the direction of Tony Petrello, “busy” themselves in, continually, upgrading their equipment.

The personnel, too, under the leadership of Tony Petrello, have made use of specialized “coiled tubing drilling technology,” in Alaska. The preceding type of rigs are unrivaled, in the way of advanced technological features—and are truly not found anywhere else in the world. In other words, Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries have brought the most advanced pieces of equipment, within the industry, to the forefront.

If the preceding is not enough: as it pertains to the types of technology that Nabors Industries provides its international customer base, under the authority and leadership of Tony Petrello, with many technological advances pertinent to equipment: the company very recently, completed manufacture of two very special rigs. The rigs were produced in order to address logistically-challenged; and inferential touchy areas within the very Far East of the world.

Nabors Industries is constructing, too, two of the globe’s most highly advanced deep-water platform rigs. The rigs will be used for deployment in the United States’ Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, the company has developed a new rig as it pertains to multi-well drilling on a pad.

The preceding information is evidence enough, in demonstrating Tony Petrello’s commitment of assuring that Nabors Industries moves forward with the latest and greatest in technological advances. Mr. Petrello uses this very wise approach in assuring the safety and confidence of the operator, at the well-drilling site. He is committed to precision and excellence of operation in assuring the greatest savings as to cost–for the customer; and, also, in way of risk minimization.

Tony Petrello’s pragmatic approach, in the form of leadership, is what keeps Nabors Industries, continually, moving forward, within the global market. This type of approach provides solid footing for the stakeholders and the operators.

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