Engineering is an important part of the modern world. Engineers come up with solutions to problems. People who are looking to enter this profession can easily find rewarding work. One of the many challenges of this field is encouraging people to enter it. Rewarding talent and encouraging students to make this their chosen career can be done in many ways. For those at the Repton School, this is one field that teachers here encourage their students to consider this field their future home. As part of that goal, they look for ways to help students explore the many potential scholarships and academic opportunities that might make this process easier. Given these goals, they are proud to announce that three of their students have achieved an impressive engineering honor.

Arkwright Scholars

The Arkwright scholarships are a part of a program that is designed to promote STEM education in the United Kingdom. The purpose is to encourage young people to go into these fields. They are funded by a charity. This charity, known as the Smallpiece Trust, has been in the business of providing scholars with funds to study the engineering field since 1991. In the process, they have come one of the nation’s most respected scholarship providers. Each year, many people apply for a scholarship in hopes of joining the ranks of the many scholars funded by the trust. Those who gain such a scholarship not only benefit from tuition help. They also benefit from the close advice of those in the field who mentor them as they continue with this program.

Future Leaders

The goal of the scholarship is also to inspire future leaders in this field. For three students here, Harry Scutt, Phoebe Plant and Henry Dunn, the vigorous process of application and hard work as students has all been worth it. The selection of scholars is a rigorous one that requires all those who are applying to spend a lot of time working with the program’s officials before the final, official selection is announced. It is one that took all three students four long months to finally complete.

Lots of Help

Once the process of application has been completed, it can take time to find out if the applicant has been able to get the scholarship. Finding out they had done so has been one of what students hope will be an ongoing process is being rewarded for their devotion to academic excellence and appreciation of the world of scholarship for all three students. It is a process that those at the Repton School take great pride in encouraging in all of their students. The three students were invited to a day in London to take pride in their accomplishments and meet those who are in charge of determining who gets this scholarship. Staffer Robert Kirkland who has served as the mentor to all three students was on hand to be there with them and proudly serve to help them navigate this world.