Glenn Schlossberg is continuously succeeding in the highly competitive fashion industry because of his outstanding skill set. As the founder of Jump Design Group, Glenn Schlossberg seeks constantly strategies that retain his significance in the market. Mr. Glenn acquired his fashion expertise design from the operations of his father. During his childhood, Glenn spent a significant amount of time in his father’s dress factory learning the numerous procedures of producing clothing differently. This invaluable experience thus propels his success in the market. Currently, Jump Design Group establishes under the labels of iconic personalities including Bebe, Tiana B., Macy, and Marina. Under Glenn’s management, Jump Design focuses on producing quality materials, which align with the latest fashion trending in the fashion industry.

Throughout his profession, Schlossberg delights in his founding of the Jump Design in 1990. Since its inception, he has guided the organization towards drastic growth. His company has influenced numerous people through the creation of job opportunities. As an executive, Glenn Schlossberg works under a very tight schedule. His days begin early in the morning with some physical exercise. Often, Glenn’s dressings consist of a suit and a tie. Mr. Schlossberg postulates that you will hunt a buffalo successfully if you dress like one. At work, Glenn oversees all the company’s operations including chairing meetings and pioneering conferences. Besides engaging in his routine office operations, Glenn Schlossberg delight in his achievement as a philanthropist. According to Glenn, giving back to the community fosters joy within him and that of his family.

His identified influence in society entailed his donation worth $1 million to the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation.

Besides, Glenn Schlossberg participated in a philanthropic course, which involved teaching budding entrepreneurs in the inner city institutions. Mr. Schlossberg also values traveling because it supplements his ideas, which impact the fashion industry significantly. Often, Glenn Schlossberg visits different factories situated in Asia, which gives him concepts and thoughts concerning new designs for competitive advantage. Currently, Mr. Glenn is planning for his trip to London. Glenn reveals that he is going to London to speculate its fashion market. As such, his activities during the London visitation include visiting malls and conducting shopping with his designers. Glenn Schlosberg and the designers will also utilize the design service making him acquire essential elements to incorporate in his fashion for improvement. Glenn has sourced out relevant lessons throughout his career. He understands that hard work, dedication and persistence bring forth achievements.