Lovers of fashion, style and art understand the value of creating strong entrepreneurial networks through fashion events. The New York Fashion Week is just one of these events. Being a platform where artists can showcase their talent freely, most scholars in the fashion industry have taken advantage of this opportunity. What is more, the event allows candidates from all walks of life to participate. Recently, Academy Art University graced the fashion event by holding an internal runway. The event showcased different fashion graduates who exposed their talents to prospective clients. Held at the prestigious Skylight Clarkson Square, the event featured amazing fashion highlights that most fashion lovers found constructive.


The event


In this season of the fashion event, there were five designs made for women, in addition to two designs made for men. The designs reflected different backgrounds and cultural orientation. From diverse range of ideas, to coastal Maine and China designs, the craftsmanship was unbelievably impressive. With the synchronization of talent, a lot was achieved in terms of selling the brands to potential clients.




Some guest attendees of this event included Ms. J Alexander, the famous coach of America’s Top Model, joined by Sara Kozlowski of CFDA, the director of professional education and development. Before the candidate’s peers, were prospective mentors of careers and role models, icons who would later have positive impact in their lives. Through live stream, the candidates made presentations that had direct reflection on their future designs.


Jadallah’s Design


One design by Joanna Jadallah of MFA Menswear could not be ignored. The candidate who hails from Chicago, incorporated a collection that captures lightweight wool, lambskin leather, brocades and suiting fabrics. The collection was a true reflection of her cultural orientation and the beauty embedded to her roots.


Academy Art School


The Academy University of Arts is geographically situated in San Francisco. The institution is a major contributor to the fashion industry. From providing the right resources for the study of fashion and design, to holding constructive events that better the talents of designers , this school has produced some of the world’s best fashion designers.


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