LocationSmart is a location-as-a-service (LaaS) private company which is based in Carlsbad, California. It was previously known as TechnoCom Location Platform. It is mainly involved in the provision of APIs and operation of secure, cloud-based and privacy protected platforms.

LocationSmart has been widely utilized in smartphones, feature phones, tablets, M2M and IoT on wireless networks. Such networks in the United States include Tier wire and Tier 2, which has various types such as AT&T, Verizon, Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, and T-mobile US, among others.

The company serves various enterprises and Fortune companies. The company utilizes various location methods such as cellular network location, WI-FI location, IP address location, landline location and hybrid location. This is achieved through a software development kit (SDK), global site identification location and browser site.

This enables the company to offer unique services to a wide range of clients, including online gaming within the jurisdiction of US states. As the name of the company states, it allows people to obtain the real-time location of any mobile phone utilizing the main wireless networks in the United States. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

Through the company’s location services, it is now possible to use smart gadgets for weather updates, news and banking. To acquire such services, users are required to share personal information, and this is only achieved through location Smart. People have seen the unlimited benefits of their smart devices after sharing their personal information. Some of these services are personalized; for instance, you get the traffic updates on your way to work and reminders of your morning run.

LocationSmart maximizes your safety and security as your family will always know your whereabouts. This makes parents feel safe by letting children own smartphones. Researchers have it that a high percentage of smartphones utilize location-based applications features that enable them to make real-time travels. This has made navigations very easy, and people can make local travels at various prestigious and historic sites at their own convenience.

The company has helped various organizations and institutions to acquire helpful data that enables them to act promptly more so in cases of emergencies. For instance, a lot of older adults have been rescued from compromising situations as a result of identification of their locations.

LocationSmart has been found essential by business leaders who are now in a position to make relevant decisions based on their brand’s location. Location data is the only way to avoid making business speculations in the modern world. As a result, marketing managers are able to benefit optimally from the supply chain.

This has been to be very practical in maintaining marketing consistency in e-commerce. The company provides a promising future for a flourishing lifestyle and business world.

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