An article from Forbes describes how many teachers across the nation have used the platform ClassDojo to reach students who are not in class or even find out who will be absent. The educational application also allows teachers to be able to communicate with the students’ parents and reward points for good behavior or deduct for any bad actions.

One of the founders, and CEO Sam Chaudhary explains that they created the application to assist teachers as they frequently asked for feedback on how to improve their services. According to the article from Forbes, ClassDojo is now available in 180 countries and in 35 different languages. Using the application comes at no charge to teachers, and the two founders believe that this will pave the way for more services to arise.

The two founders came up with the idea for ClassDojo after seeing the changes in the education system and to help extend education to the home. The two were a match as they both had the same kind of ideas and wanted to improve the education of students by offering a different kind of platform.

Both Chaudhary and Liam Don are noted in Forbes 30 under 30. The two acquired funding from investors and chose to move to Silicon Valley to fund their dream project. Liam Don, a computer-savvy individual, and Chaudhary, a former teacher, worked together to form ClassDojo.

The team worked with teachers to create lessons that would be entertaining for students with unique avatars, and lessons taught by friendly monsters. Teachers have said that the educational platform helps students learn valuable skills outside of the classroom.

ClassDojo Raises 35 Million in Recent Funding –