Seymour Signet didn’t only work at bringing one revolutionary charger to the market. His innovative company, MAGFAST, now boasts of a family of chargers. The multiple chargers bearing the company’s name can help customers with a range of charging needs. A WallCharger, a TimeCharger for the Apple Watch, and a LifeCharger for everyday use represent three devices in the “family.”

Two features set these particular chargers apart from the ones people are most familiar. The chargers are both magnetic and wireless. A wireless MAGFAST charger wipes out any hassles with tangled chords. You can’t tangle chords if they aren’t necessary for charging anymore. Even if you don’t experience many tangles, there’s another benefit the MAGFAST charger delivers. Since there aren’t any charging cables, you don’t need to upgrade them. Chords do wear out. Replacing them costs money. Going wireless can save you some dollars.

The magnetic aspect of the chargers allows for better organization. You could even connect the magnets together in a decorative manner. Once you look at the positives associated with the MAGFAST family, you see why so many units sold so quickly during the crowdfunding launch.

Seymour Segnit co-founded MAGFAST in 2017. The company and Segnit gained attention when the enterprise’s crowdfunding figures hit an enormous sum within minutes. Segnit did work for some top advertising firms, so his formal background likely played a role in promoting the crowdfunding endeavor.

The MAGFAST charger may benefit from a thoughtful company slogan. “Changing charging for good” is a good mantra. Customers appreciate anything that makes their life more comfortable. Many complain about the troubles typical with traditional charging. The new approach brought by this company could potentially cause some functional changes.

Seymour Segnit states the initial idea for the charger comes from struggling to find the right chargers for his family. Like any resourceful entrepreneur, he set out on making his own.