In days gone by, one would need to be a Jewish man over the age of 40 to receive instruction in the valuable wisdom of The Kabbalah. Now, anyone who has an interest in the tenants of Jewish Mysticism can receive instruction.

According to an article appearing on Jerusalem Online, Jewish Jewelry, Madonna is not the first celebrity to find value in studying the Kabbalah. Although Madonna is probably the most famous celebrity to convert to seek Kabbalah instruction, she is far from alone. Elizabeth Taylor found Kabbalah fascinating, converted to Judaism, and then became an activist for Jewish causes. Sammy Davis Jr., a famous member of the “Rat Pack”, found that the lives of Biblical figures and the struggles faced by the Jewish People helped him relate to his challenged as an African American. He, too, converted. Although Marilyn Monroe remained a Christain, she found the tenants of Kabbalah valuable as life lessons. Some people were critical when a few stars, like Britney Spears, dabbled in Kabbalah as a fad, but she is in the minority. Whether a person totally commits to conversion to Judaism or not, there are many important lessons to be learned from studying Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is one of the fastest growing and the most popular resource for studying Jewish Mysticism. You can go there either in person or receive instruction online. The curriculum contains secrets found in the Zohar, which is a guide to teachings of the Torah, or for beginners, students can take introductory courses through the Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1965 by Rabbi Philip Berg. Riv Michael Berg and other members of his Rabbi team offer the highest quality instruction at the Kabbalah Centre. You don’t have to learn Hebrew before starting the studies, but many students find that being able to read the Zohar is invaluable as the Hebrew letters are powerful and are part of the mystical experience. The Kabbalah Centre has a website, that includes videos, course listings, and books that can be ordered online for those who cannot attend the Kabbalah Centre in person.

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