In New York City the highly sought after attorney is Jeremey Goldstein. The other thing that he is well known for is that he is an active philanthropist. The career journey of Jeremy started 20 years ago. There are so many successes that he has received as a lawyer, and he shows no sign of slowing down. It is because of his dedication and hard work that he is seen in New York City as the most prominent lawyers. To give the people the best in 2014, he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Before that, he was offering his services at another company when he heard that the company was being purchased. That was the reason why he felt like he needed to create something of his own, and shape destiny.


Although Jeremy Goldstein lawyer is celebrated, while at the university he studied art. The bachelor degree that he owns he attained it from Cornel University. Later, he joined the University of Chicago for his master of the art. He achieved all that then he decided that he wanted to change things and pursue a degree in law. The love he has for arts still lives. The other thing that he does is give back to the comminuting, which he is passionate about doing. He spends time in a non-profit organization that’s close to his heart. The organization is Fountain House Foundation, where since 2008 he has been the director.


One trait that makes Jeremy the best lawyer is that he cares about the well fair of his clients. He believes that the more time is taken to know a client, the more the lawyer will be in a position to help them. As he is getting to know the client the same time he is learning about the case, and it offers him a great foundation of representing his client. Even if the client cases end, Jeremy Goldstein will keep calling the clients to check up on them. A piece of advice that he gives upcoming lawyers is that they should care more about their clients and not the cash they are getting. Care is shown more if they keep in touch with clients. By doing so, it may lead to other opportunities.


Jeremy says that when looking back at his journey that led to him being a lawyer, the only advice he has for himself, is that he should have looked at setback a different way. The setback in the long run, they will end being opportunities. Recently, Jeremy Goldstein attorney purchased an app called TurboScan. To him, he finds that tool so helpful because he can use it to change or mark PDY files. It will be helpful in the different files he receives for cases.


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