Gupta was born in 1940 on the fourth of July, north of India in a village called Rampur Manhyaran. Gupta was later commissioned as a flying officer in the Air force. He served under the Engineering unit with a rank of a Squadron Leader. Gupta has a degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Nebraska. He was inducted by the University to assist in the Department of Agricultural Engineering. Gupta spent an additional two years in the University to earn a degree in Business Administration.

Gupta moved to Omaha and landed his first job as a marketing research analyst at Mobile Homes Manufacturing Corporation. During his time at Commodore, Gupta was evaluating the performance of their rival companies. Gupta’s company began as a result of investing $100 he borrowed from a local bank in Nebraska. This venture was a success with Gupta receiving various checks for the orders he made with mobile manufacturers. A year later, Gupta founded the American Business Lists and Business Research Service after he left his previous position at Mobile Homes.

Mr. Vinod’s company created a cost-saving tool from available information in telephone books. The marketing tool was used to propel prospects sales of mobile home manufacturers. Gupta pledged to give his fortune to charity as a way of giving back to the community. Gupta gave his community access to quality schooling out of his charitable contributions as his primary focus. He has a foundation named after him with beneficiaries of his charitable contributions mostly in the United States and India. The foundation has helped to advance learning across fields such as science, Wildlife preservation and information technology. Recently, Vinod has been honored for giving back to countries; both adopted and home. He made donations of over $50 million in the United States as well as in India for several philanthropic endeavors. Vinod Gupta compares work to holiday and never stops working because he is always happy when working.

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