Before President Donald Trump became the leader of the free world, he used to be a very successful real estate developer. Donald Trump wasn’t just a big time real estate mogul in the city of New York, his fame as a real estate guru transcends the world. Trump has made deals with foreign real estate magnates from around the globe. He did business with United Arab Emirates (UAE) giant, Husssain Sajwani.


Trump and Sajwani have known each other for years. They have worked together in the past before Trump became the president of the United States. While these two real estate magnates are not best friends forever; they had a great business relationship that was beneficial to both parties. Hussain Sajwani family has also enjoyed their son’s success with the president.


As a matter of fact, Sajwani plans on opening a Trump based golf course called the Trump International Golf Club. This will be a luxury golf course range that will come complete with luxury villas and any other type of extravagant housing and items that people can afford. The golf course for this club was designed by the famous golfer Tiger Woods. So, this place is guaranteed to be a big hit.


The DAMAC owner is happy that his business associate is now the president. Even though this is the case, he knows better than to mix business and politics. As a matter of fact, DAMAC had to remove some pictures of Trump from their properties and on public advertisements. This was due to his remarks on banning Muslim immigrants from coming into the U.S. That statement really made a lot of Muslim people within the UAE upset. Still, DAMAC and the Trump Organization are pushing ahead with the golf club.


President Trump can longer be involved in business due to his position. However, the Trump Organization is carrying out the plans that were created by Trump years ago. Sajwani sometimes meets with the President and his First Lady to discuss how business. However, it is never in the interest of politics or to benefit the president who handed over his company to his children. Sajwani is grateful to have a great friend and former business partner like Donald Trump.


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