Talkspace is an online therapy app that has reached out to millions of customers from around the world. The creator of it all, Oren Frank and his wife were inspired to create this business after receiving help from a marriage counselor. Marriage counseling saved their marriage, and opened their eyes to the subject. They believed that everyone that needs help deserves it, so with a big vision they launched Talkspace in 2012.

Talkspace is convenient and more affordable. When you sign up with Talkspace, you are assigned your own therapist and you have the ability to message them when you feel the need. You are simply a message away from receiving the help you need. It’s convenient, affordable, and the process is simple.

Several users of the service have openly admitted that they wouldn’t have sought help without Talkspace. It gives anyone the access to get the help they need. Millions of people per year are diagnosed with a mental health disorder, yet very few of them will seek help. Talkspace gives them the option for affordable help, and getting help can be a matter of life or death for some. Read more reviews at to know more.

Talkspace has great reviews on their website. One user claims that she would be lost without her wonderful therapist. She had an excellent experience with the therapist she was assigned to. Another user rated Talkspace a 10/10. Her therapist helped her through her depression and anxiety. She claims that she rarely even notices her depression and anxiety anymore, and she highly recommends Talk space to others. Another user stated that any bad reviews for Talkspace saddened him because he had a wonderful experience with it. Talkspace was able to help him through problems that Betterhelp and the suicide hotline could not. This was a breakthrough for his life.

The good reviews make Talkspace worth the hard work and efforts.