World-renowned swimming legend Michael Phelps has recently teamed up with mental health therapy app Talkspace to put forth a revolutionary new tv campaign for the advocacy of mental health issues. Phelps himself has been quite candid about his own struggles with mental health issues and is living proof that no matter how successful a person becomes, they can still fall victim to the traps that mental health issues can set. Now Michael Phelps is advocating for the amazing work that Talkspace is doing to provide mental health patients with easy access to qualified professional counsellors. The company has become the world’s leading app for online therapy in the mental health sphere and Michael Phelps has entered into a partnership in which he is working hard to promote this groundbreaking service.

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The fact is that Michael Phelps battled issues such as anxiety and depression through the course of his massively successful career as an Olympic athlete. His story provides a truly valuable message in the battle to break the stigma of mental health issues. This stigma causes many people who suffer from these conditions to feel like there is nowhere that they can turn. Talkspace is aiming to change this with its revolutionary service and Michael Phelps is proud to be a part of this important work.

Talkspace works with some of the best and most compassionate professionals in the mental health counselling field. The company goes out of its way to associate itself with mental health professionals who are willing to go out of their way to provide the best support possible for the patients that they work with through the Talkspace app. The bottom line is that Talkspace is providing a service the likes of which has never been seen before in the field of mental health counselling and the results have been impressive and the platform is catching on quickly.

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