Talkspace is one of the best inventions in technology today because of how well it brings together a solution in the palm of our hands. In our world today, depression and anxiety can hit just about anybody, but the problem lies in the fact that you can’t get therapy or counseling for a fair rate even if you did have insurance. This is why Talkspace is here. They want to help ordinary people get the chance that they need to get help when they need it without the insurance.

Talkspace brought along Michael Phelps to their main campaign, and today he is the headliner for the company. The reason why Phelps is a part of this company is mainly because he dealt with such a huge problem regarding his own demons. Despite his numerous Olympic Gold Medal winning performances and always being at the top of his game, you’d think he wouldn’t have dealt with such a huge mental problem. He has explained in interviews with Talkspace that he definitely went through his own demons over the years because of how hard it was to compete and always be at the top. He struggled mentally and physically for all sorts of reasons.

Talkspace gives ordinary people the chance to get help without needing to be in an office or visit a clinic. All you need to do is choose the program that works for you, and they will assign to you a licensed therapist who will be there for you via email and text. There can also be video usage for an upgrade. Talkspace wanted to make it easy for people without insurance to receive help and not spend thousands of dollars on weekly sessions. Their affordable programs make it easy for anybody to get help.

Talkspace has received all kinds of incredible reviews because ordinary people are getting help and having a professional assigned to them and their needs. Nothing beats getting help and not having to struggle through depressive moments in life alone. Talkspace wants everyone to feel included, and this is why they are always offering the best possible prices.