It is no secret that there are few women in higher-up leadership positions in most companies. Gender diversity has always been a problem in the workplace. The issue has often been referred to as the ‘glass ceiling’ meaning that there is only so far women are allowed to advance within an organization. The lack of gender diversity has negative effects on company performance.

Susan McGalla is no stranger to being the only women in upper management. She worked hard to rise to the rank of an executive at American Eagle, which was at the time dominated by men. She now works for the NFL Team the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. There she has been successful and a role model to other women looking to advance their careers.

Leadership programs for women are not the ideal solution to increasing gender diversity in upper management. Instead, initiating executive sponsorships is a better option. In these instances, women would get an advocate to aid them in receiving more projects, promotions, and training.

There needs to be an active solution to equalizing the gender diversity of the business world. Susan McGalla is the very definition of a success story for women. She worked tirelessly often at the disadvantage of being the only female executive in order to prove herself to her peers. McGalla continued to impress the Pittsburgh Steelers with her part in a triumphant advertising campaign to increase sales of team apparel. Other women can look to Susan McGalla as a role model of how to thrive in a very competitive industry as a gender minority.

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