Stratford Shields is a finance professional who works with Loop Capital Markets as a managing director. Before serving with Loop Capital, he served the Ohio Office of Management and Budget as its deputy director. Today, he stays productive by reading and keeping himself in the loop concerning current events in the world. He feels it is important for his creativity to stay on top of the news as it helps him with his daily affairs and keeping up with his clients.

Stratford Shields usually wakes up early in the morning and heads into his office before most of the other workers have shown up. He starts his day by putting together strategies for his largest clients and always considers what would help each of them and their unique situations. If Shields could travel back in time and give himself some advice, he would tell himself to not worry about negative people. He would also suggest that he should think outside of the box more and to look for new ways to solve problems. He has learned that failure in life is a normal thing and that it is very important to get back on the horse and keep working after a failure has occurred.

Stratford Shields has a gift for keeping his attention on the details during his working day. He knows what his clients want and understands what he needs to do in order to deliver that to them. In order to keep up with his clients’ needs, he always keeps an open line of communication with them. Shields recently revealed that companies can expand their business by truly understanding the needs of their clients. He went on to talk about how smaller firms can especially benefit from doing so because larger firms usually aren’t paying as much attention to this.

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