Shervin Pishevar has embarked on a tweet storm lasting for 21 hours, but his intention remains unclear. This is the first big public statement he has made since he left Sherpa Capital. Once of his predictions stated a drop in Bitcoin from $2,000 to $5,000 would occur, followed by a slow increase. Shervin Pishevar has never been shy about using a lot of words so there was really no surprise when the Uber investor and venture capitalist embarked on a Tweet storm encompassing fifty messages earlier in the week.

Shervin Pishevar included a wide variety of subjects in his Tweet fest such as SpaceX immigration, bonds and bitcoin. It is difficult to find meaning in his latest diatribe. He began by talking about the promise he made to explain the financial storm he believes is approaching. This included the stock market dropping by 6,000 points during the upcoming months. He paused his Tweeting long enough to have dinner and then spoke of the impending death of Silicon Valley. After continuing for a full 21 hours, his storm gained significance because he has not been in the limelight since December 14th. This was when Twitter posted his resignation letter explaining that the allegations of sexual harassment were interfering with the success of Sherpa Capital.

Shervin Pishevar stated his current opponents were trying to settle scores not relating to Sherpa Capital in any way. He also wrote about his refusal to enable his opponents to bring his family into the brawl with him. The reason Shervin Pishevar decided to come back remains unclear. His return may or may not be connected to the lawsuit he filed accusing Definers Public Affairs of perpetrating a smear campaign directed against him. Despite his motivations, he has painted a bleak picture regarding the future for the United States economy. He made numerous predications including a drop in the markets of 6,000 points, the effects of bond volatility impacting the other markets, the end of California being the center of tech culture and innovation, the continuation of the bitcoin crash and China trumping the United States regarding infrastructure.