SERGEY PETROSSOVMr. Sergey Petrossov is the founder and president of JetSmarter, a 1.5-billion-dollar global private jet travel marketplace.

Sergey Petrossov and his family moved to the United States when he was a four-years-old. They lived in California, Colorado and then stayed in South Florida. During those years in the Sunshine State Sergey attended high school and then enrolled in the University of Florida, where he studied finance. He also enjoyed mathematics and analytics. While at the university, he and some engineering associates built a chat service for website owners who offered customer service applications.

After graduating with his degree in 2009, Sergey Petrossov helped design a software project geared toward online educational courses for students in Eastern Europe and Russia. Thank to him and his fellow tech crew, individuals were able to take classes remotely. That same year, Petrossov would find out how far private air travel lagged within the digital age.

Innovative Method

One day in 2009, Sergey Petrossov was invited to go along for a ride on a private jet. During the trip, he became aware of the difficulties people had in trying to book flights for personal travels. A person would have to call the jet company, wait for an invoice, sign it and then return the statement by faxing or scanning. This old-fashioned process was the catalyst in Sergey consulting those in the industry and resolving to providing a solution.

In 2012, Sergey Petrossov recruited a small group of software designers and they made an app referred to as JetSmarter. This program would help people to book flights effortlessly. They would be able to reserve seats on private jets as well as whole planes and more. In addition, they could get all the information they need about their departure, destination and prices all at the touch of their fingertips.


In March 2013, Sergey Petrossov released JetSmarter to the public and it was in demand and downloaded more than 300,000 times by 2014.