The holiday season is a time for families to get together and share the wonders of being a part of a very special and select collection of people. Families represent the extended groups flowing out from aunts and uncles and through sets of cousins. If you are related, you are in a family collection. You are there for life, leaving the family before death is not an option. Most of the family members revel in being a part of this collective and encourage, support, and provide for other family members.

In prison there is no freedom to travel to a special relative’s dinner or festive party. The loneliness of prisoners separated from their families at this time of year is terrible, but thanks to Securus Technologies a new form of video and audio communication can allow for families to connect with those members inside the bleak walls of prison facilities.

Securus has implemented this audio/video communication system to improve the life of both those serving time and family members separated from husbands or sons by their criminal actions. This communication can work wonders as evidenced by this video: Securus Family Communication During Xmas – YouTube
For those of us living normal lives we should give thanks for the fact that we are with our families and even to thank Securus Technologies for making many lives in prison and outside much better.

Sources: Securus Technologies


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  • But there are some family members who can not be at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and share in the revelry. Among those who can not be a part of their families are those who are serving time in state and federal prison facilities. It is seems so far-fetched that recommends professional writers who write your paper well will have something to share with them too.

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