On June 7, 2016, Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a press release concerning its dispute over patented video technology with Securus Technologies. Securus responded.


GTL: The US Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) has reached a decision that allows GTL to seek injunctions and damages against Securus for infringement.

Securus: The case is stayed. GTL cannot proceed. Securus is seeking a rehearing on the patent in question, so the patent has not been validated. GTL cannot seek damages or injunction.


GTL: The PTAB preserved all 55 of GTL’s claims.

Securus: The PTAB did not review the claims that Securus challenged. However, GTL is asserting only one independent claim and several dependent claims.


GTL: The PTAB ruled all of GTL’s innovations patentable, permitting GTL to return to court to defend its patents.

Securus: The PTAB did not determine that GTL’s claimed innovations were patentable. It merely declined to review the claims. It is not yet known if GTL will be able return to court.


GTL: A jury will see that Securus has infringed on GTL’s patents.

Securus: Securus does not infringe on GTL’s patents.


GTL: GTL is seeking damages and to require Securus to stop using GTL’s patented technology.

Securus: Securus is not using GTL’s patented technology.


GTL: Securus has a pattern of litigating against and settling with competitors and is now making claims and accusations and pressuring GTL to settle on terms favoring Securus. GTL will not be bullied, but will continue to defend its technology in court.

Securus: Securus attempts to reach mutually agreeable arrangements with companies using its technologies without license.

One comment on “Securus Technologies Corrects GTL’s Inaccurate Claims

  • Securus maintains that it does not practice the feature named in the single independent claim. It usually succeeds. Securus and GTL have had licensing agreements. GTL is now choosing to fight about patents instead of arranging a new license. It makes sense to also have paperwriting do the needful for which is certain.

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