Sam Boraie is one of the several Vice Presidents at Boraie Development LLC, two others being his elder brother and younger sister. The Company, started over forty years ago by his Egyptian Immigrant father Omar Boraie, is a real estate development entity based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Read more about the company on Bloomberg.

Sam’s role, as head of new projects is what stands him out, making him a hero among the citizens of New Brunswick. Under his guidance, Boraie Development has set out a long-term strategy of positioning the city for economic growth through real estate development. Provision of new housing, office and retail space aims at drawing new residents and businesses into the city. These projects cover residential and mixed-use units such as The Aspire near the New Brunswick train station. In addition, half an hour’s drive from New Brunswick is The Estates at Waverly place in Montgomery, New Jersey.

This vision of economic and urban revitalization extends beyond New Brunswick to Atlantic City, Newark and the greater New Jersey. The Beach; a development project in Atlantic City, consists of 250 residential units. In downtown Newark is The Albany St.Plaza. According to PRNewsWire, it features office and retail space; 250,000 square feet and 20,000 square feet respectively. The Rector; a 26-storey building that is part of the Boraie Development portfolio is also found in Newark.

Sam’s philanthropic engagements betray a man in tune, at a personal level, with what his business seeks to achieve through corporate strategy. He seats in the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise; a not-for-profit based in New Brunswick. The organization’s focus is on poverty and hunger. They prepare and serve meals whilst providing access to fresh produce in a concerted effort to eradicate chronic hunger.

In the bid to contribute toward an end to hunger, unemployment has also fallen into Sam’s and Elijah’s Promise crosses hairs. The organization offers training in the culinary arts and baking targeting jobs in bakeries and restaurants.

Sam’s civic engagements also extend to being a member of the Board of Trustees for the State Theater of New Jersey, Being the second largest not-for-profit in New Jersey, the organization seeks to contribute to urban renewal through the arts. The state Theater stages music and dance performances, Broadway shows and family events. Of particular interest is the summer 2017 free film screenings for children sponsored by Boraie Development.


Such real estate projects, whilst generating business through new citizens and investors, also require huge capital injections. To meet these capital requirements, Boraie Development has collaborated with other investors to develop, manage and sell/market property. To raise capital and publicity, these ventures have included celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal. The opportunity to invest for a return in a project that would contribute to the renewal of economically depressed in New Brunswick and the greater New Jersey are what attracted the basketball legend.

Sam Boraie is an illustration of how businesses can make profits whilst providing solutions to human needs. This is a perfect marriage of a keen business mind and humanity.

Check out his Crunchbase profile for more info.

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