Sahm Adrangi is the founder and the owner of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he currently serves as the company’s chief investment officer. Recently, he released a report which explained the company’s position on the standings of SES S.A and Intelsat S.A., which are some of the largest satellite service providers in the world today. According to the Kerrisdale Capital Management, the share prices of the two companies have risen tremendously because of the news stating that their petition to be one of the first companies offering the 5G service will be reviewed by the government and has a huge chance of being approved.

The agency which keeps track of these proposals is the FCC, and according to them, dozens of other satellite companies have been applying for the same proposal. The Kerrisdale Capital Management is looking forward to the release of the official decision from the FCC, and they are hoping that more investors will be encouraged to invest with these companies.

Sahm Adrangi has been known to the trading industry as someone who manages the assets and investments effectively. He was able to change millions into billions overnight, and because of his performance in the world of trading, many investors are asking for his assistance. Sahm Adrangi has been releasing reports lately to inform their investors, and to help them decide on which shares they would have to buy. One of the reasons why Sahm Adrangi became well-known in the business sector is because of his unique decision-making skills that have been dubbed by the experts as impressive. In one instance, he purchased a $100 million worth of stocks from a company that was yet to unveil, and he managed to persuade his clients to provide the money for him to purchase the stocks.

The Kerrisdale Capital Management also benefits from Sahm Adrangi’s skills and expertise. More investors trust the Kerrisdale Capital Management because of their reputation in the market. The company is looking forward to meeting new investors in the future, and according to the company’s management, they will do their best to guide their clients clearly on what stocks they would have to invest in.