Many people are familiar with Russell Gimelstob and his accomplishments both on and off the court but not a lot of them know how he became involved in real estate. It all began when he was just six and he started practicing on a regular basis which eventually led to him becoming the captain of the tennis team when he was a sophomore at Newark Academy. He spent the majority of his summer learning tennis from one of the most profound tennis coaches in the history of the nation, Robert Lansdorp. As someone who has worked with the best in the business, he helped him to become the best student athlete he could be. After being named first team all state throughout his high school career, he went on to win three championships in a row with the team.

Upon graduation, he received multiple scholarship offers from various universities throughout the country but he decided not to take any of them due to his decision to go to Cornell University. He made this decision while on a recruiting trip where he met the head coach. He went on to become one of the best players in the history of the university after winning every single match during his sophomore season. He later went on to become an academic all American and received a wide variety of all-ivy awards throughout each year of his college career. As the campus representative, he went on to win the NCAA national doubles tournament and became team captain.

Of course, this didn’t happen until his senior year but he did eventually graduate with distinction and later received his MPA after an extra year at Cornell. Upon the completion of his academics, he went on become a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs and became an associate at Dune Real Estate just three years later. After seven years with the company, he was eventually promoted to partner and now currently serves as their managing director and head of acquisitions. He also has become a member of their investment committee and he has done philanthropic work as well.