Ronald Fowlkes was part of the Marines Corps from the year 1989 till 1993. He has always loved his work, and his passion for his job has earned hum promotion twice during his job in Marine Corps. It was an honor for him to serve the country and it is the reason why he has not be able to give up on that life. He has channeled his energy into doing something good for the people in the country. After retiring from Marine Corps, he joined the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and served there for about ten years. He has extensive knowledge of the different tactile products that the department uses to help keep peace in some of the ruthless neighborhoods located in the United States.


Ronald Fowlkes currently holds the position of Business Development Manager at the Eagle Industries. The company sells tactical gears to the law enforcement agencies around the country. The company also conducts research on ways to make these gears safer and useful for its officers. He also believes in giving back to the society and the best to do it is by doing something that he truly loves. His son plays ice hockey for the Saint Louis Blue’s Triple-A team, and he is in charge of their gears. He not only gives useful tips to help the team stay fit, but he also teaches them the best way to keep their gear in excellent condition. He believes that by taking care of their gears, they can perform at their best.