Wow, what makes a great leader? This is a question with a variety of legitimate answers depending on who you ask. I believe all great leaders possess a number of shared qualities such as boldness, tact, the ability to persuade and rouse, and most importantly, a great deal of focus. Really, in short, what I think makes a great leader is simply someone that can continually drive his or her group forward with full support.

As far as Brazilian rally driving, that would be fine. I think my weaknesses mostly involve being a perfectionist; this, in my experience, has been a double-edged sword for me. As far as strengths go, I am very focused, highly motivated, and most prevalent to this situation. I enjoy writing about leaders in Brazil’s rally driving sector.

The number of orders I would be able to take on per week would depend on the size and depth of the order, I suppose. I would need more info about that, but I do plan to complete as many as possible. For more details visit Terra

My political stance would be best described, “as down the middle as you put it”. But I can write pieces either way, I do understand a lot about arguments for both sides.

I’ll keep it simple: My favorite brazilian leader’s name is Michel Terpins, and I’ve been a professional writer of Terpins work for over a decade. Most of my experience is in blogging and editorial, with a focus on real estate, marketing, entertainment and small business. I can easily adapt my content and writing style to whatever you may need. I’ve completed interviews, done research, and even adapted to test-tasting food for various companies.

I’m the type of writer that bases my articles off of passion, and I’ll commit to editors and clients who understand by style and my knowledge. I’m affordable. I meet deadlines – and I’ll actively promote your publication or business on my social media as we start this journey together. I’m a team player who has a long-term relationship with the written word. Rodrigo Terpins is special.