Founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, Riot Games Incorporation is a multinational firm that develops video games and holds e-sports tournaments. Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck attended the University of Southern California together. While in school, they decided to start a company that focused on developing existing games rather than developing new ones from scratch. The duo put in a lot of work to grow the company to what it is today, operating in over 20 nations across the globe. One impressive piece of work the duo has released is the League of Legends game. This is a multiplayer game that involves online battling on an arena.

The company also hosts e-sports tournaments for the same game. Other than making marks in the video-game development industry, the company is also popular for its culture that involves inclusivity and diversity. Riot Games is basically a company that is focused on ensuring that everyone, regardless of position, background or any other thing, is able to thrive while working there. This made possible by incorporating a culture that is fair and high performing and an inclusive and diverse environment.

In essence, Riot Games believes that each and every time you bring people who are diverse, in their own ways, and form a team the end result is always spectacular. The people at Riot Games also believe that everyone is human no matter what and calling out sexism, racism, religious discrimination and any other form of discrimination is key in the success of any organization. Other than making these believes known to all, the company puts in place several pillars that play a key role in shaping the diversity and inclusion culture. These pillars also go a long way in fostering an environment that is fair and high performing. This, among many other things, is what sets the company apart from any other in the industry.