Raffaele Riva is a hardworking entrepreneur who holds an MBA from Saїd Business School at the University of Oxford. Since the year2006, Raffaele has worked hard to maintain tremendous growth in entrepreneurship. He ventured in entrepreneurship with his colleagues at the University by starting a small tech company.

Raffaele considers the startup as a crucial factor in his career as it gave him first-hand experience in the field of entrepreneurship. He has gained experience over the years, which enable him to serve diverse entrepreneurs from London and New York. He helps entrepreneurs through the startup process of their business until the investment stabilizes and starts being profitable. He developed an interest in angel investment, which is an area of specialty.

Raffaele has previously worked with Chief Executive Officers and business owners. He has helped such clients realize the loopholes existing in their investments and also developed strategies that facilitate full exploitation of investments` potential. His approaches in entrepreneurship are always strategic, a factor that as enabled him to stand out in New York`s entrepreneurship sector. The outcome was his recognition by several NYC channels, and he has been found fit to address webinars and conferences in New York.

Raffaele Riva acknowledges that he is always willing to work and help cooperative investors. He offers he advises his clients on what to do and what to avoid during the development process of a startup. Riva also provides financial support for the startups if need be. He is very organized and time disciplined, which helps him serve all his clients from different parts despite the existence of time disparities. He always finds himself some time to spend with his family and other personal interests. This helps him to remain productive in his career. He likes reading motivational books, where he sources some principles he applies in his career.