Stream Energy has changed the lives of many people in the country. The firm specializes in providing people with reliable energy sources. Stream Energy has been operating since 2005, and it has grown tremendously into one of the most successful firms in the country. Additionally, the company also offers natural gas to both commercial and residential customers in the market. Stream Energy has majorly focused on serving its clients better, and through the social platforms they have launched, the team has successfully helped their customers take control of their energy bills. The step has enabled clients to monitor their energy usage and through this, they have learned to control their energy and gas usage.

Stream Energy is also concerned about giving back to the local community. Through the stream care charitable foundation that it launched, the company has offered support to people. The foundation was started after the concerns raised by the deadly hurricane Harvey that left a considerable number of people homeless. The hurricane led to serious damages in the country and thousands of people lost their properties, homes, pets as well as their loved ones. The firm focuses on solving the problem and ensuring that it does not cause such damage in the future. The firm has through the foundation contributed millions of dollars with the aim of helping people live better. It focuses on building homes to the homeless and helping them rise back again to their feet regardless of the major losses they incurred during the calamity.

Additionally, Stream Energy also partners with other prestigious charitable foundations in the world like the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, among others to ensure that they live better. Their services have attracted a vast number of people, and through this, it has earned the trust of many of them.

Besides, the company extends philanthropy in its operations to its clients. It seeks to help firm owners acquire a better living through offering them energy at discounted prices. The steps taken by the firm have inspired many. The executives of the company seek to continue to be relevant to people in the local community through working closely with them to bring change in the world.