One of the benefits of being Perry Mandera is the sheer amount of respect he garners on a daily basis. Many people are not totally sure what it feels like to be respected by their peers, and that is an understandable struggle. It was certainly the case for Perry Mandera at one point, but he refused to let that become his legacy. That is why he started his own company in the 80s and has continue to work his way up the American business ladder from there.

Most of his pursuits nowadays are within the transportation industry of America. The reason he is so enthralled with this specific sect of business is the sheer amount of change he sees is possible for it. He believes that if he simply involves himself with the effort the transportation industry is currently making, he will be able to move the process along much more quickly (TheNewsVersion).

So far, this has been exactly the case. Perry has allowed the transportation industry to grow exponentially in his years of involvement, and he continues to push the envelope on a daily basis. The reason for this massive amount of success is simply rooted in his character. Character is something he was raised to hone constantly. There is nothing like a day of hard work to Perry Mandera, and he appreciates every single one of them that comes his way. He has such a high respect for work ethic because that is just the way his parents raised him. He was taught to put his heart and soul into everything he does, and as a result of those teachings, he has come a long way. It would seem, however, that he is nowhere close to settling down.

Part of the reason Perry Mandera has remained prominent at success for so long is that he has a seemingly infinite level of drive. He is constantly working to improve himself, his business, and his country, and because of this, he is treated with universal respect not only within the world of transportation but within the world of American business at large.

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