Paul Mampilly has some designs on the outcome of 2019 and he is letting investors know that the time is nigh to get in on the ground floor. Mampilly is an investment analyst who writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. He also appears on television and radio to offer his sage investment vice. What makes Mampilly a good voice to listen to is his extensive experience with stocks. Paul Mampilly served as a hedge fund and portfolio manager on Wall Street for years and is best known for increasing such holdings by millions. Here is what he has to say about 2019 and the future direction of business.

Big Data

Paul Mampilly sees 2019 as the year Big Data becomes available to all businesses no matter the size. Big Data refers to the massive amount of information available online. Big companies have the infrastructure and money available to sift through this data to better understand consumers and quality market products. This has been an advantage they have held for years. However, recent developments in technology are making Big Data easier for small companies to sift. This means smaller start ups business and mid-size businesses will be able to better understand their consumers. Mampilly not only sees this as a leveling of the playing field but a dynamic change.

Copying the Start Up

Recent years have seen an upheaval in the business world as many big names have fallen to the wayside. One reason for this is the changing trends of consumerism that have altered the marketing dynamic. Start up companies have flourished in this time as their innovative way of selling takes advancing technology and societal change into account. Paul Mampilly believes this trend is about to change. According to Mampilly, 2019 will see many big companies begin to emulate the tactics of successful start-up businesses. This means a lot more consumer-centered marketing as well as fresh lines of products suitable to today’s consumer base.


Mampilly also projects that politics will continue to be on the side of business. Since the election of Donald Trump the political field has been more kind to business and as his business tenure is not yet up it will continue to be. This will allow many companies to expand and grow in a very fertile market. This meant that there is no better time than the present for investors to buy in.