Attaining the tag of an “investment guru” is not an easy task. For Paul Mampilly, he has obtained it after many years of pure dedication to a cause he loved so much. In 1991, he started a journey of becoming the best investment expert. Close to three decades later, one cannot but appreciate his achievements. Over the years, he has built a reputation as one of the best experts on Wall Street. From an assistant portfolio manager, he advanced to senior positions in leading organizations.

It is at Banker’s Trust that his journey began in 1991. Armed with a deep passion for financial matters, he was ready to conquer the financial world. A few years later, he had impressed larger organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank, and they mandated him to manage accounts worth millions of dollars. By 2006, his track record was so good that he landed a job as a hedge fund manager. Kinetics Asset Management placed him in charge of their $6 billion hedge fund. A few years under his leadership, KAM was recording a 26 percent annual return. At the end of his tenure, the hedge fund had grown to $25 billion, and KAM named World’s Best hedge fund.

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Major Calls

Paul Mampilly has shown a unique grasp of the financial market moves by calling out major turns in advance. In 1999, he predicted the stock market crash and even warned some of his investor friends. Although many of them recorded mind-blowing gains, something was amiss with the moves. Paul Mampilly got out of the market as soon as he realized the movements were fake. A bubble was forming, and it was only a matter of time before it exploded with investors’ profits. When the bubble-burst finally happened, many investors counted heavy losses.

Profits Unlimited

After two decades on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly decided to call it quits. He had made enough money and wanted time to look at his young family. He left Wall Street and started a new journey of working with Main Street Americans. In 2016, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor and created a newsletter known as “Profits Unlimited.” This publication now reaches out to thousands of subscribers.

Paul’s mission is to publish information that will make average investors profitable.