Isabel dos Santos: Growing the Next Strong & Independent Generation of African Women

Although she was first introduced to the public as the daughter of the former president of Angola, Isabel dos Santos is today revered and known for more than her last name. Isabel dos Santos would become her own woman as she began to invest and participate in the Sonangol oil company as a chairwoman. Due to her incredible work ethic and refusal to lessen her drive because she’s an African Woman, the businesswoman would go on to be one of the wealthiest women in Africa. Today, Isabel dos Santos works with various philanthropic organizations across the globe. Much of her work focuses on creating a more independent and intelligent generation of young women. We recently sat down with Isabel to speak a little more in depth about her career and life with these organizations.


What type of obstacles have you faced in male-driven Africa?


Isabel has faced sexism and discrimination and she states that this situation against women is a rampant issue all over the continent. She adds that even within her own high position, she is often second-guessed by the men around her. Furthermore, Dos Santos explains that even within her social circle, women are frequently asked what their husbands do and assume that you’re a stay at home wife.


What type of opportunities is present in Africa for a woman to succeed?


Isabel explains that although Africa is still very much male-drive, there is no doubt that women can still succeed. She aids in this process by asking young girls to think about what talents they have (Wikipedia). Adding this along with the already existing businesses in Africa, such as tourism and manufacturing, is a great place to start.


What men have actually supported you, and what advice do you have for African parents?


She has an intense multimedia speeches talking about this important issue. Isabel dos Santos speaks about her father, often treating her exactly like her brothers. She adds that she never recalls a time when she was told to speak, walk, or think differently than the men do. She advises African parents who want to raise a strong girl to focus on the meaning of hard work, perseverance, and ambition instead of who she should marry.

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Article Title:’s Success With Hungarian Sweet Wine is the largest online retail enterprise in China. The firm deals in a variety of goods and services, which are of high quality and standards. Jingdong offers its services across China and other states. They ensure fast delivery of products to their customers regardless of location. Technology such as drones and robots are used by Jingdong to make fast delivery of products. allows their customers to make payments either through their phones or in person, and provide excellent customer experience services.

Jingdong makes use of advanced technology to ensure efficient and effective running of the firm. has partnered with several firms in the past to expand its operating premises. Currently, Hungarian Sweet Wine is working with to introduce its products in China.Hungarian Sweet Wine will be launching in China for the first time; they will benefit a lot from the partnership with Jingdong will help the wine selling company by creating suitable markets for their products and advertising goods throughout China. Jingdong will make use of its advanced technology in helping out Hungarian Sweet Wine. stable and well-recognized logistics network will ensure that all wine products ordered by consumers get delivered on time. According to the Hungarian Government, the wine in mention is best and sweetest in the country.

Grand Tokaj Company is the producer of Hungarian Sweet Wine, who creates the wine from grapes and Noble rot, making it extra delicious.Currently, the wine products created by Grand Tokaj are been consumed by a large number of Chinese citizens. During the Hungarian Sweet Wine opening up in China, over a thousand bottles were consumed. The launch took place on between April 17 and 22. The wine’s online retail shop attracted numerous individuals on the opening up day, which was much more than any alcohol brand working with Jingdong. Research states that a large number of individuals in China consume alcohol products from foreign countries. Jingdong is grateful to be working with Hungarian Sweet Wine. is also thankful that the firm chose them as an online enterprise to help in the firm’s expansion. will be useful in creating customers for the brand.

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Steve Lesnard: Marketing Products In The Digital Era

When a company is formed, it can either offer products or services. Also, each firm will have a different target market. Although traditional marketing techniques were efficient, modern marketing techniques are now taking over. Such changes have been brought about by the presence of technology.

Social and digital mediums have revolutionized the manner in which companies market their products. For starters, these mediums have attracted a huge population. As a result, firms can easily reach out to their target market throughout the nation or even on a global scale. Although the present marketing techniques are beneficial, they can fail to yield positive results if a corporation fails to utilize them well. Consumers are focused on the benefits of these products; as a result, the product introduction should be successful.

Steve Lesnard has also offered some principles that will help in the successful marketing of products in the digital age.

Simplicity Is Important

Focusing on the storyline is good. By making it simple, you can easily capture the attention of your audience. It is also advisable to make sure that your marketing technique is memorable. Focus on the enhancements that have been carried out on different products. The teams can easily focus on innovation when there is simplicity. Relevant features should also be used to communicate.

When referencing the technology industry, one of the companies that have dominated the sector includes Apple. The firm is famous for producing products such as the iPod. Many people were interested in portability when it comes to listening to music. The restrictions in terms of the location were eliminated by Apple when they produced the iPod. Although they had solved a certain issue, they had to market their product uniquely as a way of reaching out to their target clients. While embarking on their marketing ventures, they ensured there was simplicity. Their marketing campaign also triggered some emotions among people while also making sure that it was memorable. Thanks to Apple, people could now listen to their favorite music at any given moment without restrictions. The communication strategy used by the firm allowed it to gain dominance during a period when companies were after technical supremacy.

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Peter Briger and Pure Work

Peter L. Briger, Jr. is without a doubt an extremely busy man at the moment. He’s been a busy man for years and years already. Peter Briger is an alumnus of the prestigious Ivy League school, Princeton University. He went to the institution of higher learning back in the eighties. He graduated from it in 1986. He’s Fortress Investment Group’s Board of Directors Co-Chairman. He’s also its principal. Peter Briger calls San Francisco, California home, sweet home right now. Being on the Board of Directors for the aforementioned Fortress Investment Group is something that’s immensely satisfying to Peter Briger. He’s been on the Board since the fall of 2006. He earned Co-Chairman status in the late summer of 2009 as well. It took him close to three years to get to that point.

Management is also something that’s close to this professional’s heart. He’s been a part of Fortress’ illustrious management crew since the spring of 2002. He takes care of all kinds of real estate and credit matters for the esteemed firm. Clients who want assistance in the real estate and credit departments frequently turn to his wisdom and know-how. He’s worked for Fortress Investment Group since the spring of 2002. That was in no way the start of his career, however. Peter Briger worked for a company that was called Goldman, Sachs & Co. for a total of 15 full years before that. He gained partner status with the company in the middle of the nineties. He’s part of Tipping Point’s board presently.

Tipping Point, in a nutshell, is an acclaimed not-for-profit group that accommodates San Francisco, California’s neediest households. He’s a Caliber Schools board member, too. Caliber Schools is the name of a group of esteemed charter schools. The aim behind these educational institutions is to help pupils get ready to do well in university and graduate school settings. Briger scored a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the previously mentioned Princeton University. He also went to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. That’s where the professional got his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Learn More.

Article Title: A New Way To Train Your Brain.

Most pre-work out supplement’s provide many different nutrient’s that provide a healthy workout at the gym. These supplement’s help provide muscle mass, endurance and a great training session. But most supplement’s neglect to provide healthy nutrient’s that help stimulate the brain with lasting effect’s after a workout. Neurocore is a great pre-workout supplement that promotes impressive mental focus and provides healthy nutrient’s to the brain.

Neurocore has healthy lasting effects and increases the bodies energy level to prevent drowsiness after a workout. Neurocore combines these key nutrient’s with ingredient’s that promote excellent muscle, endurance and blood flow. Neurocore, ultimately creates the foundation for great mental focus, while increasing muscle mass, energy and weight loss without feeling drowsy after the gym.

Neurocore has a few kew nutrient’s and amino acids that help provide healthy brain function during every workout. Some of these nutrients are L-theanine and L-citrulline. L-theanine is an amino acid that help’s the brain transmit impulses that create good mood. L-citrulline is also an amino acid that distributes helpful nutrient’s through out the body and creating efficient blood circulation.

Neurocore has nutrient’s like beta-alanine, which help’s reduce lactic acid in the body and increases muscle endurance. Creatine helps increase muscle mass, energy and help the body recover after a workout. Neurocore has various nutrient’s that have many other benefit’s. Most pre-workout supplement’s may have nutrient’s to create muscle mass blood flow and increased energy but neglect to provide nutrient’s that create positive brain function during a workout. Brain function is just as important as the body and Neurocore is the pre-workout supplement that focuses on that aspect.

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Academy of Art University Alumni Continue to Make their Marks in 2019

Founded in 1929, the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, California, seeks to graduate students who are masters of their crafts, and when the numbers speak for themselves, it’s clear this is what the school is doing. Notable alumni of the Academy of Art University include film directors, models, actors, and students studying any of 25 subject areas in which the school offers various undergraduate and graduate degrees.

In 2019, Avengers: Endgame, the final installment in a twenty-two film series featuring Marvel characters, became the second highest grossing film of all time, second only to Avatar. A piece commenting on this success, for which several Academy of Art University alumni are partially responsible, appeared on earlier this month in which the author noted that alumni who went on to work for six different studios (Cinesite, Digital Domain, Double Negative, Framestore, Industrial Lighting & Magic, and Web Digital) participated in the production of Avengers: Endgame.

All of these alumni graduated from the VFX department at Academy of Art University and as stated above, this is just one of twenty-five subject areas offered for Study at Academy of Art University. Students learn from professional faculty who themselves participate actively in creating art and film. The Academy of Art University recently put on a graduation fashion show, literally showcasing the practical applications of their students’ work. A leader in applied art, the Academy of Art University also competes in nine NCAA Division II sports. The Urban Knights have enjoyed much recent success in cross country and track and field among other athletic pursuits.

Enrollment numbers at the Academy of Art University have enjoyed an upwards trend since president Elisa Stephens began her tenure in office in 1992. The school is now home to more than seven thousand undergraduates and over four thousand graduate students.

Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong, The Innovative Entrepreneur

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a successful businessman who has turned the face of business globally through his creative undertakings. He was born in small town in Jiangsu province known as Suqain to a humble background. His parents earned their daily bread through coal shipping. During his childhood days, his parents taught him the importance of hard work and encouraged their son to become the best at whatever he was going to do.

Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from high school and went to the People’s University of China to attain a bachelors degree in sociology. Realizing the need for a further skill to tap into a business opportunity, Richard Liu Qiangdong taught himself computer coding, which Would become of great value to his business later on. After finishing school, he got employed at Japan Life, where through his exemplary work and application of skills he had acquired earlier on he was promoted to director of computers at the firm.

His desire to become a successful entrepreneur started in the year nineteen ninety-eight, where he opened his first shop in Beijing. The shop specialized in the sale of magneto-optical products and managed to have an edge above its competitors due to the sale of authentic products. Companies engaging in magneto-optical products at the time used to sell substandard commodities and make massive profits. Therefore, an alternative supplier who was legit was a void that the businesses left upon which Richard Liu Qiangdong capitalized on to make his business a global conglomerate.

Over the years, the company grew to a brick and mortar store that had twelve units supplying authentic commodities. Upon the outbreak of SARS in China, customer consumption patterns shifted, prompting an alternative solution if a business was to survive. Richard Liu Qiangdong then closed shop to open an online store that proved to be a game changer in the business world. the company, under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong, who is the chief executive officer and founder, has grown tremendously over the years. The company has signed mergers with several companies like Walmart to become a significant online store that deals in several commodities. Additionally, the company became a publicly traded organization and received a substantial investment from Google, which boosted its operations significantly. Richard Liu Qiangdong has the ambition to expand the company’s operations to Europe and other parts of the world.

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The RealReal: Opening Doors Of A Closed Market

As companies like American Eagle are being highly rewarded and enjoying disproportionate amounts of success for simply embracing what average American women look like, so goes the interest in the rather anachronistic fashion industry and their unusual concern with maintaining and trying to force-feed a physically augmented reality. If anyone was buying into the voices of fashion before, there are significantly less people even remotely concerned with what their ever-dying voice is saying. Then there is Julie Wainwright, who in all her infinite wisdom, throws them a life raft. Under the aegis of capitalism, no one wants to see an industry suffer, but when it comes to fashion, the masses have grown weary of edicts being issued by those completely anesthetized to society as a whole. All the fashion wonder boys and girls should thank Julie Wainwright for dragging them, kicking and no doubt screaming, into delivering these frocks they design and toss on runways, worn by men and women who make popsicle sticks look grotesquely overweight.

Ms. Wainwright decided to let the masses in, creating a market in which they can both buy and rent these once untouchable-by-the-masses fashions. She brings consigners and buyers together, in this market she has created, and she makes sure these garments are authenticated before they go out to this now-expanded luxury market. Having experienced so much success already, when she was asked about needing another round of funding, she said that they are going to be fine for a while. The reasons why she likely does not need any more funding is because for every consigner, she has about 4 buyers. In addition, the consigners are also buyers, roughly 50% of them. These numbers indicate that they won’t need additional rounds-of-funding for a long time, if ever.

She has taken the entire business model one step further and is now sending an email to buyers and consigners showing how much they made and saved by doing business in this way. From the runway to someone’s closet, Ms. Wainwright may have invited into this quasi-languishing market a breath of fresh air. We will likely not ever know how beneficial she has been, but rest assured her impact is both economical and ecological. A metric she looks at is how consigning is positive for the environment. Someone should thank her, and in a big way.

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Serge Belamant, Blockchain Expert

Serge Belamant, co-founder of Ziltch Technology Limited, a financial payment system based in London, England, is a somewhat famous patent holder of blockchain technologies.

A blockchain is a way of transmitting transactions of value (blocks) through a network of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of computers, and tied together by cryptography. It’s all rather technical, but blockchain technology allows distinct, time-stamped data to be distributed over the internet, and because there are thousands of computers involved, with no central authority, financial transactions such as bitcoin, can easily be transmitted without the possibility of it being changed.

As an application and software developer, Belamsnt developed blockchain technologies to allow banks and governments to quickly and safely process deposits, withdrawals, and investments.

Born in France in 1954, Serge Belamant moved to South Africa in his teenage years, graduating high school from Highlands North School for boys in Johannesburg.

After graduation, Serge Belamant studied engineering, information systems, and computer science at both Witwatersrand University and The University of South Africa. Visit to know more about Serge Belamant.

Similar to Bill Gates and many computer geniuses, Belamant never actually received a degree, because his Studies at the University of South Africa would require him to repeat classes he had already learned at Witwatersrand University.

Instead, Belamant went to work for a large civil engineering company, using his computer knowledge to predict drought in the country, as well as to measure water levels in dams.

Belamant held a number of positions, working for Control Data, BankCorp and SASWITCH.

In 1989, he formed his own company, Net1, using a patented Funds Transfer System he created and developed. VISA engaged Belamant and Net1 to develop fraud authorization as well as Pre-authorization of its credit cards.

Serge Belamant was chairman and CEO of Net1, until 2017, when he left Net1 to form Zilch Technology Limited with his son Phillip, which concentrates on using blockchain technology in the use of cryptocurrency. Read more:

Richard Liu Qiangdong: Insights and Ideas in the E-Commerce Industry

Richard Liu was recently featured during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. It was through this platform that Richard Liu shared market insights and ideas relating to the Chinese e-commerce market. He also managed to raise issues relating to the e-commerce industry that needed to be tackled by the government and other stakeholders. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and current chief executive officer of, which is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. has a total net worth estimated at $56.7 billion. According to Forbes, Richard Liu is estimated to have a net worth of $7.3 billion. In 2017, Walmart became a shareholder of with an increased stake of 12 percent. has made several investments as part of their expansion plans with a successful investment of $397 million in Farfetch in a mutually beneficial partnership.

The partnership makes use of the two firms respectively reach into the China and luxury fashion experience. As a graduate from the Renmin University of China in 1996 with a degree in sociology, Richard Liu took to mastering computer programming skills as a student through the freelance coding work. Richard Liu furthered his studies by taking a degree with an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. Immediately after graduating, he was assimilated into the Japan Life product health firm. It was at this firm that Richard Liu Qiangdong held several roles under the two-year tenure. He served majorly as the director for computers and director of the business.

Richard Liu decided to venture into his line of business by opening the shop, which dealt with magneto optical products based in Beijing. The shop did tremendously well opening 12 stores. Unfortunately, the SARS outbreak back in 2003 rendered the business null which threatened the survival of the business. This made Richard Liu reconsider the brick and mortar business model back in 2004. This led to the birth of, with Richard Liu entirely focusing on e-commerce, which dealt with several best quality goods and electronics. has grown over the last decade with WeChat owner Tencent acquiring 15 percent stake in the firm worth $215 million. The partnership saw WeChat promote the firm on their social networks with over a billion monthly active users.

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