Betsy DeVos’ Involvement in Education Reforms

Elizabeth DeVos, commonly known by the name Betsy is a renowned leader, innovator and a reformer championing for equal access to education among American kids. She is also a businesswoman, politician, and most recently, she was named the secretary of education by Donald Trump, the President of U.S. For many years, Betsy has been leading organizations and other individuals advocating for education reforms in the United States. After her nomination to serve as the secretary of education, and later being confirmed by the Senate, Betsy DeVos was interviewed by PhilanthropyRoundtable about her achievements and her new role as secretary for education in the new leadership of the United States.

Through various charitable causes supported by Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos, they have managed to implement a sponsorship program for more than 250,000 students. The program has been rolled out in 17 states, spread across the U.S. Many people have embraced educational choice, since they believe traditional public institutions are not offering the quality of education desired. For instance in Indiana, the statewide voucher program was passed two years ago, and today the state has enrolled close to 10,000 children. After a poll was conducted in five states, the result revealed that educational choice program was very popular, more so among Latinos.

In the 1990s, Betsy served on the boards of several organizations that were advocating for expansion of educational choice through government’s tax credits and voucher. Together with her husband, they were involved in passing the bill which led to establishment of first charter school in Michigan. In this state, there were several families desperately searching for better education programs. Through Betsy’s political activities, she was able to create an organization that focused on promoting reforms in the education sector to allow expansion of charter schools in Michigan. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

Betsy DeVos’ Background

Currently, DeVos serves as the U.S. secretary of education. She was confirmed by the Senate on February 7, 2017, after being nominated by the U.S. President. For about 30 years, DeVos has been a key player in education policy, raising voice for parents and advocating for their kids. She is committed to championing for education reforms that are favorable to underserved kids who seek to access quality education.

Being the daughter of a mother who was a public school educator, Betsy was inspired from an early age the importance of education. Furthermore, she witness leaders in her rural town implementing projects in order to provide kids with more education options. DeVos was a school counselor, helping at risk kids in Grand Rapids Public Schools. After interacting with parents, tutors and students, DeVos’ perspective towards education changed completely, and since then she has been looking for ways to improve and make it accessible to all American kids. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Tammy Mazzocco and Her Passion for Finding the Right Homes for Clients

When it comes to selling homes in central Ohio Tammy Mazzocco may be a very helpful resource to any potential home buyer. She did not start off as a real estate agent in the very beginning of her career in real estate, but she has grown to be one of the most well-known agents in Central Ohio. You can visit Inspirery to know more.

Many people may even say that she is a popular agent because she is dedicated to helping home buyers find the perfect home. She started out as an assistant for a realty company, and her curiosity about real estate would drive her to a place where she could become someone that was ready for training. She may a leap from the position as an assistant to studying and obtaining her real estate license. She has never been one to be a fan of communicating with other people about their finances and what they can afford in concerns to homes, but she would adjust to this overtime and utilize her skills to help people find the perfect home within their price range.

Tammy Mazzocco has stated that her motivation to sell comes from her desire to help people that want to get into the right homes. She has a passion for real estate, and this has given her the ability to overcome her fears and her doubt about the real estate industry. In Central Ohio she has been able to thrive in a major way because she gets a lot of referrals from her clients. This is proof positive that her customers are satisfied with the level of service that they receive. They are also pleased with their homes that she helps them get into. Tammy has been assertive in her role in real estate and her hard work as an agent pays off. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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Rick Shinto Crafting a Future of Amazing Amazing Services

Healthcare provides an incredibly important role in the lives of everyday individuals. It’s continued importance is because of the rising cost of living, coverage, and political factors. Fortunately, Rick Shinto and Innovative Health has been tackling the issue of healthcare and providing a service that aims to provide the best coverage possible whilst pushing forward the field of medicine and treatments. Shinto’s devotion towards helping others is found throughout his work such as through his published books aiming to explore the issue of healthcare and improve on the practices provided to the everyday general public. Shinto continues to be one of the leading figures providing alternative ideas to a difficult subject.

Having obtained his M.B.A from the University of Redlands, Rick Shinto could spearhead his passion for helping others and focus it into a very business-oriented position. His work helped to initiate and motivate himself towards earning an actual medical degree from the prestigious University of California. This bachelor of science degree would help Shinto in his understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare system. His work studying in California laid the basis for his complete and competent judgement towards how exactly a healthcare organization such as Innovation Health should be led. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Rick Shinto’s work with the organization has a large focus on making sure the organization has a huge degree of teamwork involved within its core. Shinto’s belief is that Innovative Health will be able to provide a much better healthcare system if they are able to focus in on optimizing how they function as a team, thus streamlining their service process and offering patients the best carefully thought out care available on the market today. While Shinto has not always been able to offer such privileges, serving as the President of Innovative Health has allowed him to choose the exact direction in which he wishes to take the company, thus propelling the company towards a much more consistent future.

Shinto’s work continues to be the face of Innovative Health. The company has since met NCQA accreditation, The accreditation itself is only awarded to healthcare providers who take the effort to provide care that goes above and beyond the common expectations of a provider. This has ultimately allowed Shinto to prove that is hard work very much has direction and purpose. It is through his work that Shinto has been able to provide some of the finest care on the market.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny: A Pre-Eminent Physician-Scientist

Driven by a passion to alleviate the sufferings of many cancer patients and their families, scientists have made significant steps towards finding the cure for some types of cancer. While finding the cure has been elusive, scientists such as Mikhail Blagosklonny has made significant success towards better understanding cancer and finding a cure. His revolutionary ideas and findings have played a key role in bridging the knowledge gap that exists between cancer and aging process. As an oncologist, he was made significant contributions towards the fight against; one of the leading causes of mortalities in the world.


Education and Career Profile

Mikhail Blagosklonny specializes in experimental medicine with revolutionary potential. He also specializes in internal medicine for both clinical trials and clinical use. He graduated from First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg with a Doctor of Medicine degree. He also received his Ph.D. in Medicine from the historical and prestigious university. Currently, he is serving as the oncology professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Before taking over at Roswell in 2009, he also worked as an associate professor at New York Medical College from 2002. He also worked as a research scientist for Ordway Research Institute where he specialized in aging and cancer research. In addition to his work as a professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny also doubles up as editor-in-chief for Oncortarget: an open source, weekly and peer-reviewed medicine journal specializing in research on various fields including cancer.

He also holds the same position for the biweekly, peer-reviewed journal Cell Cycle and the monthly journal, Aging. This is in addition to the hundreds of widely-cited articles and book chapters he has authored. His articles have primarily focused on cell aging and cell and molecular biology.

Oncology and Aging Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny is committed to oncology and aging research. Over the years, he has specialized in cell aging and cellular and molecular biology. In one of his landmark researches, he proposed that the signaling by target of rapamycin (TOR) has the capability of delaying cell apoptosis and autophagy. This allows the cells to produce more proteins and therefore extend their lifespan and consequently, delay aging process and cancer treatment. Deeper understanding of TOR signaling can be crucial in developing anti-aging and cancer drugs. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

The Little Lip Balm that Could: EOS

The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) brand of lip balms has fast become a Millennial favorite. This brand stands out through its distinctive packaging and fun flavors. The orb shapes close with a decided click that helps to set this balm apart. Not only is it a successful beauty product, it operates with a very successful business model. In fact, the success that EOS has enjoyed during its brief lifespan is the envy of many firms throughout various industries. By taking on the very staid lip care market segment and filling a gap with their forward-thinking project, EOS lip balm has surpassed even Chapstick in sales.

The founders of EOS lip balm saw that the skin care segment was presented as a utilitarian project rather than part of a beauty routine. By creating a lip care product, not a lipstick or other makeup item, EOS was able to bridge the gap between medicinal lip care and tinted products. EOS lip balm does provide lip care and moisture, helping its users to avoid uncomfortable and unsightly chapped lips, but it also fills a beauty need. Users report that they consider lip care a part of the daily beauty routine and EOS serves that role nicely and effectively.

Per a recent Fast Company article, it is projected that EOS annual revenue will top $2 billion by the year 2020. It has been recently reported that the company moves over one million units of product per week. The EOS start-up model analyzed the available market data and found a gap in the lip care segment; by filling this void with a fun and natural product that appeals to Amazon shoppers they hit a home run. Natural ingredients are the future of beauty and personal products and EOS is leading the way. This company is one to learn from and keep watching!

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Working with a Hedge Fund

Do you want to get investment and business advice in your life? If so, working with a major hedge fund is one of the best things that you can do in your life and career. Over time, Madison Street Capital is a company that has helped a lot of people with their finances. They are one of the leading hedge fund companies in the industry, and they are excited to offer a variety of services that many people will enjoy. Not only that, but you can start to see why so many people are excited about what they have to offer. They are one of the leading companies in their area simply because they have a hometown feel to them. There is no client who is too small to work with. This is a great philosophy to have in a business industry that often gets a bad reputation. With their solid work, Madison Street Capital reputation only gets better with time.


Business Advice


If you want to succeed with a new business idea, now is the time to do so. Over time, this is one of the best ways to get ahead with your finances. Madison Street Capital offers business consulting on a variety of topics. If you just need someone to go over your general plan with them, this is a great way to try and figure out how to help others in whatever way that you can. There are many people who are interested in trying to figure out how they can make a difference for other people. In addition, you can start to see why so many people look up to the advice that they give. With so much experience in the business, a lot of people are excited to see what they can do to help.




Another important service that the company provides is investing advice. There are a lot of people who struggle with how to invest for the future in the right way. If this describes your current situation, you need to make sure you are looking for ways to help others in a variety of areas. Not only that, but you can start to plan out things that are going to make a positive impact in the lives of other people today. Madison Street Capital is the type of company that can get you on a plan that makes sense over time.


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George Soros: The Journey From A Holocaust Survivor To One Of The Biggest Philanthropists

George Soros has a reputation of a billionaire, investor, philanthropist, social activist, a free thinker, etc. His contributions always hit the headlines due to its purpose as Soros contributes to what he believes right. He is an aggressive fighter against all the odds in the society and politics and even dared to challenge two U.S. Presidents. In 2004 Presidential election, Soros spent at least $27 million to defeat George W. Bush and actively campaigned against him due to the Iraq war and the policies of Bush administration. Later, he declared that he would not make heavy political contributions and would focus more on his philanthropic activities. However, Soros decided to make a spending spree again in 2016 Presidential election as he felt the policies of Donald Trump was not comprising the ground realities and not representing the American Society. Soros was deeply upset with the division created by the campaign of Trump in the society, and he donated at least $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Being a Holocaust survivor, he has high regards to the oppressed in the society, and his works are mainly targeting the uplift of the last section of the society. Soros has the concept of a free society with which people from every section have no restriction on what they wanted to do according to their mind. George Soros objects all sorts of discrimination according to race, sex, age, language, etc. as he believes that creating bridges in human minds can create disastrous effects in various communities. This is the prime reason he opposed Donald Trump as Soros thinks that the deep divisions created in the society are highly destructive in the long term. Soros is also actively involving in various issues around the world including defending human rights, channeling the democratic evolution in Eastern Europe, education and healthcare initiatives to increase the accessibility to the common people, etc. His contributions are standing at a whopping $13 billion in the last three decades. Learn more about George at Biography.

The family of Soros is from Hungary, and they migrated to London after Second World War. Soros completed his education from London School of Economics. During the period, George Soros was influenced by the ideas of Viennese philosopher Karl Popper and his ideas of open societies. George Soros started his career as a Stock Broker at Singer and Friedlander, and four years later, he relocated to New York and became a trader on Wall Street. In 1969, he established “Double Eagle Fund” with a capital of $4 million. The firm is transformed during the course, and now it is known as Soros Fund Management. Soros is an active advocate of open societies, and his open society foundations are actively involved in more than 70 countries around the world.

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Tim Armour Speaks On Long Term Investments

Warren Buffet has made a bet of one million declaring that he can achieve a better investment return than a group of managers of a hedge fund. His theory is that he can simply exploit an S&P 500 passive index fund. Warren is correct in his theory because it is shown time and time again that too many expensive funds have shortchanged investors.

Tim states that he supports some of the things said by Warren Buffett, He supports the commitment to low-cost investments and acknowledges that Buffet’s approach of bottom-up investing works. Today mutual funds are not offering the benefits like before; they provide a mediocre return with a high management fee. However, Tim can not agree with all of Buffets beliefs in the investment field.

Tim is an investor with years of experience. He feels that Buffets views can be a bit shortsighted and claims that it is not about if the funds follow an index, but whether the resources are being managed accordingly and how high their expenses are. The downfall of a fund is not in its investments, but usually in the high expenses. Tim Armour says that investors should actively move their funds towards a high management ownership with low expenses.

Tim Armour went to Middlebury College where he learned Economics. He is currently living in Los Angeles and works at Capital Group. He has an extensive background in global telecommunications and a few years ago gained the title of Chairman. Tim is someone who has a lot of experience in helping others. He has explained that Buffets approach of investing is useful. However, Armour believes that it is about delivering long-term investments and not passive or active index returns.

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Hussain Sajwani And His Links With The US President

Hussain Sajwani, is a citizen of the United Arab Emirate. He is one of the most successful property developers in the region. Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, one of the most well-known property development companies in the Middle East. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

He graduated from the University of Washington and started working as a contract manager for a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1982, he started his own catering business. Today his catering business serves over 150,000 meals per day, in the Middle East and Africa.

He serves many industries and types of organizations from five-star hotels, to army camps, construction sites, and other venues. His company also provides services like manpower supply, maintenance and camp management. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes his Roots | The National

DAMAC Properties gets its success because of Hussain Sajwani’s expertise in the property development industry. He is an expert on marketing, sales, legal and financing projects. He currently has several projects in the works in major Middle Eastern cities.

DAMAC Properties, trades pm the Dubai Financial Market. They have heavy involvement in the luxury property development arena. Hussain Sajwani has been able to connect with well-known names to develop brands for the marketplace. He has a project involving a golf course designed by Tiger Woods. The course is managed by The Trump Organization.

Hussain was involved in real estate partnerships with Donald Trump before he ran for President. He helped him start some of his businesses in Dubai. He has worked on two golf course developments with Trump in Dubai.

In addition to his catering business and his property development, Hussain Sajwani is an active investor in the financial markets. He is listed as one of the most influential Arabs in the world. He is actively involved in philanthropy as well.

He donated two million AED to purchase clothing for over a million needy children around the world.

The DAMAC owner helps the UAE with the underprivileged people in the region. He is a strong believer in taking care of those less fortunate.

Fabletics Builds a Customer Base

Fabletics has grown a lot in recent months, and there is a lot of interest in the next move from this powerhouse athletic company. It has become one of the most interesting aspects of the athletic industry for women because a celebrity is in place as the co-founder. Kate Hudson is the one that has helped people discover Fabletics, and she is presenting this as one of the most durable and comfortable lines of athletic clothing for women. This is what allows her to compete in such a successful way with Amazon. Many people are pleased with the clothing that is available on this site so lots of them sign up for subscription services. That may be the thing that has pushed this company in the right direction. More people are going to be impressed with what Fabletics is able to do for the clothing industry as a whole. Women are starting to realize that and it’s much easier to build a wardrobe if they have subscription services like the one provided by Fabletics. This allows them to guess their favorite garments selected by a fashion expert and shipped each month. This is something that can help anyone that may have a busy schedule and a hard time picking clothes when they go to the Fabletics website. All they really have to do is pick the style that they are interested in and everything else comes naturally. That is something that has given Fabletics a real edge on the competition. There are few companies that have this type of thing in mind when it comes to clothing for women. That has allowed this brand to shine in a very interesting way.


Fabletics is the brand that has managed to lead in the clothing industry for women because it caters to people that are interested in fashionable workout gear. This is something that is still needed in the athletic gear world. Most athletic clothes are spotety, but there is no real flare. What Kate Hudson has managed to do with her clothing line is add a touch of flair and pizzazz to what was already considered to be a stagnant industry. Kate Hudson has managed to build a clothing line that is desired by women.


The brand has managed to become a top clothing brand in a short amount of time. People really love the vibe this company has managed to create.