Fortress Investment Group Makes Historical Land Purchase

The New York based investment firm called the Fortress Investment Group has a rich history and was founded in 1998. The Fortress Investment Group was in the headlines when it got purchased by the multinational Japanese holding conglomerate Softbank. The company got stronger when it was purchased by the number one tech investor in the world. The company has just made a major purchase down in Florida of the Tiffany & Co. building down in Palm Beach. The building is located in the heart of Palm Beach on Worth Ave. Fortress Investment Group purchased the building for 20 million dollars and they have pans to keep the current leases in place and build an upscale office space on the second floor of the building. The company was able to make the 20 million dollar real estate purchase because the merger with Softbank really gave the company ahead of steam. The company has been making major moves and continuing to grow at this time. The company is also involved in a second venture in the Florida area. The Fortress Investment Group has also invested in a privately funded commuter rail system in the state of Florida as well.

The companies latest purchase in Florida has the city buzzing to see what is the next move with the property or how will the finishing touches with the property fit in with the current surroundings. The purchased was actually not purchased directly by the Fortress Investment Groups but it was actually a joint venture between two of the companies affiliates by the names of Kean Development Co. which is based out of Cold Spring Harbor, NY and Hyde Retail Partners that is based out of southern Florida. The Fortress Group is just the managers of deal and of the property. This property is so iconic that its sits right across the street from the Chanel store and is on the same level as Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive store front. The Fortress Group and both of its affiliates were excited to retain such a world class historic building.


Todd Levine-Attorney of Success

Todd Levine is one of the founding member of Kluger, Silverman, Katzen, Kaplan and Levine, and an attorney with a lot of experience in several different types of business disputes. His main focus is on commercial real estate prosecution, representing real estate brokers, buyers and sellers, contractors and disputes dealing with commercial real estate projects as well as transactions. He graduated college in 1988 from the University of Florida with a Bachelors degree in Finance. Then, in 1991 graduated from Florida College of Law. In 2018 Todd Levine earned the Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation by the US News and World Report. His dedication to his clients and diagnostic skills are what lead him to success as an attorney. In this interview, Todd Levine was asked where the idea for his company came from. His response was that it grew out of his natural ability to simplify the intricate. He was also asked what his typical day was like, in the same interview. “No day is typical.” He explains the unpredictable aspect of his life, and the possibility of travel. Busy man, right? Todd Levine goes on to talk about his work as an attorney. Stating that all parts of the prosecution process is different with their own set of facts and evidence. then he explains that on the other hand, he finds that the best way to keep the creativity in the legal world is to make sure you have all of the knowledge about your case and of course, the law. As the interview continues, he tells them “Always be prepared.” and explains that it will allow attorneys to better organize their priorities and keep clients happy. Levine says its best for someone to have expertise in one particular area to build a reputation. He continues to tell us all about his career being an attorney. Todd Levine is a very smart, well thought out man and in this interview, I think we could all stand to learn a few things from him.

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Raffaele Riva’s Journey to Success

Raffaele Riva is a hardworking entrepreneur who holds an MBA from Saїd Business School at the University of Oxford. Since the year2006, Raffaele has worked hard to maintain tremendous growth in entrepreneurship. He ventured in entrepreneurship with his colleagues at the University by starting a small tech company.

Raffaele considers the startup as a crucial factor in his career as it gave him first-hand experience in the field of entrepreneurship. He has gained experience over the years, which enable him to serve diverse entrepreneurs from London and New York. He helps entrepreneurs through the startup process of their business until the investment stabilizes and starts being profitable. He developed an interest in angel investment, which is an area of specialty.

Raffaele has previously worked with Chief Executive Officers and business owners. He has helped such clients realize the loopholes existing in their investments and also developed strategies that facilitate full exploitation of investments` potential. His approaches in entrepreneurship are always strategic, a factor that as enabled him to stand out in New York`s entrepreneurship sector. The outcome was his recognition by several NYC channels, and he has been found fit to address webinars and conferences in New York.

Raffaele Riva acknowledges that he is always willing to work and help cooperative investors. He offers he advises his clients on what to do and what to avoid during the development process of a startup. Riva also provides financial support for the startups if need be. He is very organized and time disciplined, which helps him serve all his clients from different parts despite the existence of time disparities. He always finds himself some time to spend with his family and other personal interests. This helps him to remain productive in his career. He likes reading motivational books, where he sources some principles he applies in his career.

Did Someone Say EOS Lip Balm Sale?

Though good lip balm can provide instant relief from chapped lips, it can be seen as a necessary evil. For years there have been complaints about the small tubes getting lost, the unpronounceable list of ingredients and lifeless flavors.

However, in the mid-2000s, one company set out to change all of that: EOS. They released their revolutionary lip balm in 2009, and consumers went crazy for the pleasing egg-shape design, natural ingredients and unique flavors like Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet.

According to an InStyle article updated on July 17th, 4-count packs of this popular brand of lip balm were on sale on Amazon in classic EOS flavors like Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Vanilla Bean. The sale was specifically for the EOS’s Natural and Organic Stick Lip Balm, which is shaped more like the traditional chapstick tubes.

The packs were listed at $7-$8 per pack, which averages out to $2 or less per tube! And for those who wanted to try all of the flavors, a multi-flavor pack was included in the price reduction as well. Though the sale has now passed, Amazon still sells the packs at a reduction from their $9.99 list price. For lip balm that has been celebrity-approved, it’s a steal!

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Andrey Andreev looking to win the social media wars

When you are talking about the most popular social media networks in the world, Bumble and Badoo might not get a lot of mention yet, but that could soon change. If either network do rise to the level of something like Twitter or Facebook, make no mistake that the work that Andrey Andreev has put into it is going to be one of the bigger factors (Thetimes). 

Andreev might not be a household name himself, but he’s managed to get quite the reputation in the tech world, in large part because of the success his apps have had in a short period of time.

Bumble, in particular, is largely thought to be one of the most popular dating apps that are out there for smart devices. Also, Andrey Andreev is the founder of Badoo. It might seem easy to dismiss dating apps as nothing but fluff, but in the 21st century, when online presences are becoming all the more important, it’s hard to know just how big the impact of these services really is.

People don’t go out to mixers anymore. Singles bars are still out there, but they are rarely used by young people to truly meet a significant other. Online is where people do most of their social mingling. It should come as no surprise that a person’s dating life has a much bigger presence online as well. Badoo isn’t as well known as Andreev’s other creation but that could change soon. The website is a social network that, at first glance looks quite a bit like an offshoot of Facebook

For Andrey Andreev, the difference in the network, and what could be the hook, is that like Bumble, it’s more about meeting new people. This isn’t necessarily a site where you are going to be posting what you had for dinner. Andrey Andreev says that, instead, you might post that you are looking for someone to have dinner with. The website is geared to help you meet other people that are spending most of their time online. In providing that service, it has become clear that the site’s creator understands what people are looking for in the 21st century. Give people what they want and those services tend to get big, quick.


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A Casual Conversation With A CEO- The Greg Blatt Interview

Greg Blatt is the CEO of Tinder, an online dating company. Prior to becoming the CEO at his current company, Blatt also was the CEO for Match Group and IAC. He has also been an executive for some of the top names in the business industry. While he has many accomplishments under his belt, Blatt is still able to be relatable when it comes to his business approach. Due to this fact, he sat down with to talk about some business related topics-in a casual conversation type of way.The first question that the interviewer asked him is about the way how Greg became the CEO of Match Group. He answers in a reliable way by telling the reader that it ‘kind of just happened’ and goes on to explain the different companies that he worked for leading up to this job. 

He was able to invest in the company first, and this way he gained the trust of those that put him in charge. Blatt is also asked about his typical day and how he makes it as productive as possible. He says that having face to face meetings is the way to go for him because it inspires him to be more creative. Greg Blatt is also able to get things done by not overscheduling his day. 

This way Blatt is able to give attention to whatever needs it in the moment. This goes into the fact that the habit that helps him to be productive is to always ask the ‘why’ questions. He compares himself to his 5 year old daughter that does the same thing. Although it may be annoying, it really helps him get to the bottom line of everything (Everipedia). 

While the interview is about business, some fun questions are asked by the interviewer. The first one is a trend that excites Greg Blatt. He thinks that the future in business is in video chatting. Something that nobody ever agrees with him on is that the Blackberry is better. This loosens up the interview and shows a bit of Blatt’s personality. Even though Greg Blatt has been the in the executive spot for many companies, he never feels like he is ‘better’ than anyone else. This is one thing that sets him apart from all other executives like him.
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Laerte Codonho Is A Major Player In Soft Drinks

The creator of Dolly soft drinks in Brazil, Laerte Codonho, knows just how important a brand is to its company and that steps need to be taken in order to protect it. Since the company was first founded in 1987 when the Laerte Codonho was just 26, it has been known for its quality products that use quality ingredients. While the brand did not start getting popular around the entire country of Brazil until the 1990s, it has become a staple of the soft drink market with a share of around 10% of all soft drink sales in Brazil. One of the reasons why the company has been able to continue to do so well over the years is the fact that Laerte Codonho has worked very hard to protect his brand from anyone with negative feelings.

Building and protecting a brand is something that must be done throughout the life of a company. Laerte Codonho knows that it is not something that can just be set up and allowed to run as the markets and consumers are always changing based on different trends and patterns. In order to help build the brand, the company uses strong promotional methods that showcase the brand and the quality that they have become so known for. In 2003, the company leaded by Laerte Codonho,  kicked off a marketing campaign that dedicated the brand to improvement and change. The efforts that the company makes to protect its brand can be seen in many different ways throughout Brazil.

Dolly has been in competition with other soft drink companies for years, this is just part of running a large company. This battle made headlines as the Dolly company from Laerte continued to become more popular which led to a drop in sales for some of the other companies that were already part of the soft drink market in Brazil. The entrepreneur believes that Coca Cola is behind a lot of efforts to discredit his brand and he remains dedicated to fighting any false information that may make its way to the public. He will continue to tell his story and be a part of the soft drink history of Brazil.

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Isabel Dos Santos Is Working Towards A Better Africa

As the Chairwoman for Unitel, Isabel dos Santos has had a significant impact on the economy of Angola and beyond. In addition to her position at Unitel, Isabel dos Santos is also a non-executive Board Member of ZON since 2012 along with a Member of the Board of Banco BIC. Her education was completed at King’s College London where she was able to earn a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. The story of Isabel dos Santos is one of persistence and strength in a world where many women are not given the same respect as their male peers. Equality for women is something that she cares about with a passion and she invests a great deal of time into the cause.

Also, philanthropy is important for Isabel, who happens to be the richest woman in the entire continent of Africa. She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs throughout all of Africa and enjoys being able to pay it forward to the rest of her community. Being able to share her experiences in business has inspired other women to pursue their business dreams. 

She knows from her own experiences that it can sometimes be difficult to earn the respect of men in the business world because of her gender, but she persisted through these obstacles in order to become the businesswoman that she is today.  Isabel dos Santos believes strongly in the concept of charity and she engages in it both on a business and a personal level (Yaapd). 

She believes that being able to create a stronger workforce and job opportunities through Africa will manage to make the quality of life for everyone in the communities better. By having a larger workforce in Africa, the continent will be able to produce more goods and services that can give the region a much-needed economic boost. As for Isabel dos Santos, while helping women around the world achieve equality is important, she wants to see the lives of everyone in the communities of Africa have a better quality of life by creating a robust economy with employment opportunities that leave nobody left behind.


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A Transformative Interaction with Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the visionary founders of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm was purposely meant to provide legal advisory services to the top managers of various institutions. They majored in financial, development and agreements made between firms among other sensitive issues of their clients.



As we speak, Jeremy chairs the Mergers & Acquisition Sub-committee in the firm known as American Bar Association Business Section. Apart from that, he has worked in a number of huge organizations with credible success. As if that is not enough, he is well known as the top ranking Attorney in USA. The title was acquired after him acquiring education in various universities in USA.



The idea of starting JLG firm popped into his mind when he witnessed a series of conflicts between merger firms. To him, the increasing cases of disagreements between the firms was a great opportunity to bring a long lasting solution through law. And that acted as the genesis of his huge firm.



As a way of ensuring increased productivity of the organization, Jeremy ensures that highly skilled manpower is employed and backed up with motivation to put more efforts to meet the goals. Also, time is well managed in his firm by focusing on productive activities only. This is achieved by putting together the ideas and opinions of the employees and deciding on which route to follow.



The combination of both new and old ideas have helped Jeremy to work best in terms of management of his firm. The reason behind this is the ease of actualizing totally new and better ideas brought in through past experience.



In terms of corporate and compensation duties, his main point of motivation comes from general and executive compensation because of its stable nature and freedom from external shocks. Above all, his best character of maintaining good relations with other counterparts and clients has made him the best lawyer. According to him, challenges should be perceived as an opportunity to better oneself.



The best contributor to the success of his business is his good quality and contact with his customers. The contact has been brought in through constant communication with them. This creates some good feelings of concern and interest in his clients.



Jeremy is always more than willing to invest in constructive aspects in his firm. The key considerations have to be made before taking any action of investments. What I like about him is his economical nature since he always ensures that expenditures are minimized at all cost. And this has greatly contributed to the rapid growth in his firm.



Apart from that, his ever best services has acted as a major downfall of his competitors. He also employed the acquisition strategy of other related firms in order to increase the dominance of his entity in the market.






To conclude, Jeremy Goldstein is a legend. We should emulate his characters to ensure success in all aspects of our lives.


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The Prosperous Career of Isabel dos Santos as an Entrepreneur

In most cases, success always breeds fame. For instance, as a female entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos has gained some significant popularity since she is a successful female investor. Another point to note is that she is from Angola, one of the nations on the African continent. Although the continent is under-developed, Isabel dos Santos has managed to succeed in the business ventures that she has delved into. Isabel dos Santos has succeeded because of her resilience and ability to become innovative. She also utilizes forward-thinking ideas. Her philanthropic endeavors are also notable since her main focus is one empowering the society while also enhancing economic stimulation.

Throughout the years, she has also been sharing her professional experiences during live addresses, panel invitations, and interviews. To learn more about the impact that Isabel dos Santos has had as a businessperson, it is good to look into her success journey. As an entrepreneur, her efforts in the business world are commendable. In most cases, some of the successful business people always focus on one specific industry. However, Isabel dos Santos has focused on different fields. She has successfully invested in the energy, telecommunications, finance, media, and retail industries. By operating in different sectors, she has gained some invaluable experience that many people do not possess. As a result, she always comes about as the most qualified individual to hold different executive positions in various firms.

Isabel has also managed to form different corporations throughout her career as an expert entrepreneur. Her participation in these companies has fueled their success. The investor’s skill set is also admirable. She has succeeded to enhance the growth of firms such as Unitel, a company in Angola that deals with telecommunications. As a leader, she has been able to make sure that all the firms under her leadership skills have become profitable. Isabel has made sure that the company can offer its services in both the remote and rural regions in Angola. While talking about her success as an entrepreneur, Isabel always talks about the significance of technology. She normally talks about how technology has helped to stimulate different economic activities in various parts of the globe. Isabel also holds talks in universities and conferences.