Allied Wallet Breaks Into new Markets and Partners With Major Companies

Allied Wallet is among the leading providers of online payment processing services. The company is dedicated to providing tools for e-commerce that are easy and intuitive to use. Allied facilitates the easy and secure transfers of funds from one individual or company to another.

The company has seen a fair amount of growth in recent times. Adding new payment options and partnering with various different companies is a common occurrence for the company. Allied Wallet has expanded into two big potential markets in particular. The company has expanded to both include WeChat Pay as well as partnering with China UnionPay. WeChat Pay is one of the leading forms of mobile payment in China. The Chinese mobile payment market is valued at around 16 million dollars. WeChat Pay is the dominant force in this market. In China, mobile payments are becoming more and more common. Paying with cash instead of digitally is becoming more of a rarity in the country.

After Allied Wallet had partnered with them, WeChat Pay users could then exchange money between the two services to safely make purchases and send money to others. Even prior to the two companies partnering, WeChat Pay was considered a main competitor to credit card companies such as Visa. China UnionPay is another company that Allied Wallet has partnered with. China UnionPay is the largest payment card issuer in the world. In its home country of China alone, China UnionPay has issued over six billion cards. The company is quickly growing in usage and popularity all throughout the world.

In an effort to expand to European markets, China UnionPay and Allied Wallet have partnered. China UnionPay and Allied Wallet together will issue cards for European customers. This move was intended to help draw in European customers that aren’t necessarily traveling to Asia (Yahoo).

China UnionPay hoped that their partnership with Allied Wallet will reduce the amount of time it takes to get the new European cards on the market. In fact, it’s a result of companies like Allied Wallet that China UnionPay doesn’t need a license to expand into Europe.

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Isabel Dos Santos: The Successful Financialist And Real Estate Investor

Isabel Dos Santos is someone who stands as a visionary and an icon in the business world, mainly because she is one of the most influential women in Africa. Santos currently ranks as the richest woman in Africa and has served as one of the most notable names within the business world. Being one of the more well-known names within the industry is not always an easy task, especially for someone who had to stand tall in a male-dominated world. But Santos showed her incredible skill and understanding of different sectors and came forward as someone who was incredibly business and profit oriented.

Isabel has had a brilliant education to back up all that she does. From an early age, Isabel dos Santos knew that if she truly wanted to make a name for herself, she would have to work hard at achieving her goals. Her father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos also pushed her to work harder at all that she did. She also received an incredible education during her formative years, attending an all-girls boarding school n Kent and then King’s College in London.

Finance is one field that Santos is particularly well versed with. She has worked with a number of companies, offering them sound investment advice when it comes to the investments that they need to make. Her understanding of the finer intricacies of this field is something that helped Santos in her career, giving her the reputed name that she currently has.

Real estate is something that Santos has been interested in, and this has led her to several successful business ventures all over the world. One of the first real estate ventures that Isabel dos Santos took on was in the country of Portugal. Santos wanted to invest in this country because of the strong potential that stood within its industries. She partnered up with several well-known companies from Portugal itself to help bring these ideas to life. Seeing the success of this first venture, she decided to partake in any more. The next destination that she choose to invest in was her home country itself, which also proved to be incredibly profitable.

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A conversation on investment with Paul Mampilly

In an interview with Eric Dye Paul Mampilly talked about his professional career in wall street, his transition to main street and why despite having such a prestigious career managing a hedge fund he chose to come back to main street and work with people who had relatively less capital and even fewer investment options. One of his biggest drivers, as he admitted, was a need to help ordinary Americans grow their wealth and at the same time transfer his investment knowledge he had learned over the years in Wall Street to this ordinary citizens.

What makes Paul Mampilly an authority in the industry?

Since 1991 he has worked in Wall Street. He has worked in every conceivable position as he strived to rise up the corporate ladder. He began as a trader and grew to a portfolio manager before he was eventually headhunted to run a hedge fund. His track record is in the public domain and can be accessed by everyone. In order to become the best Paul put in a lot of hours and does a lot of reading. On a daily basis, he tries to do 12 to 14 hours of his research work and reading in order to understand the markets he is looking to invest in.

What are the biggest changes he has seen over the years?

When Paul Mampilly first started out at Wall Street computers had not taken over, and trading was done by humans. Over the years this changed and today the bulk of trading is done by computers. The technology has evolved so much that today it is virtually available to everyone. However, the availability of technology as Paul Mampilly notes does not equate to skill. What some may fail to understand is that it still takes a lot of investment knowledge to know how to be a successful investor. He also acknowledges that ETFs have taken over in a field that was previously dominated by mutual funds. ETFs, however, present a different set of challenges, and Paul Mampilly is the first to admit that they require a bit more analysis. The valuation of companies has also been another change within the industry. Click here.

The Passion of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar


Plastic surgery brings in billions on an annual basis. Whether you need these services because you’ve been physically scarred, or you prefer to have these services to enhance your look, plastic surgery can help you meet your goal. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., has been a gamechanger in this exclusive field because he has brought so much to the table. This man is more than just a plastic surgeon, he is known as a revolutionary as well as a spokesperson because he’s passionate about his craft. Safety has always been an issue with every type of surgical procedure. As the demand for plastic surgery goes up, the rise of complications can also increase. Staying on top of these issues will produce the best possible work, and staying on top of the issues will save lives.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is now a member of the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force, which is made-up of numerous plastic surgeons. These plastic surgeons are also board-certified. By combining each member’s knowledge of the subject, this task force can incorporate better solutions for keeping their patients safe. The idea is rather brilliant, and it will certainly pay-off in the end. The Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force collaborates with the American Society of Plastic Surgery. This task force also works closely with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. All of the necessary guidelines have been met. The Brazilian butt lift is very popular among women, but it can come with complications such as fat embolisms. Dr. Jejurikar attends meetings and conferences around the globe while discussing these issues.

“With more experience, plastic surgeons will become better prepared to handle these complications if they manifest,” said Dr. Jejurikar. What more could a plastic surgeon do to expand his or her craft? Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is simply paving the road for future plastic surgeons in this stressful field of work.

Article Title: EOS Lip Balm- Recap

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Eos Lip Balm Looks Beautiful In Red

Eos has joined many other companies in lending its support to help fight the battle against AIDS. Though the new lip balm is keeping eos iconic sphere shape, it has adopted RED’s cherry red color and has placed their logo on the sphere. Eos will be donating 15 percent of the retail sales (up to 100,000) to the RED mission, which is putting an end to AIDS once and for all.

The lip balm itself is still organic and still goes on smooth and the flavor is Pomegranate Raspberry. Eos products are largely popular among young women and girls who coincidentally make up about 18.5 million of the AIDS population. According to eos chief marketing officer Soyung Kang, eos is thrilled to be working with RED and hopes that this product will inspire their customers to get involved and give back. RED is equally enthusiastic over the partnership with eos and believes together they can do a lot to fight this disease.

Eos begin because they were obsessed with lip balm, but quickly discovered that their not many choices out in the market. They are also proud of their transparency. The lip balms are made created from sustainable sources. They have even partnered with TerraCycle to ensure that all of their little spheres and other packaging are completely recyclable.

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The Sustainable Vision Of OSI Industries

OSI Industries has often been seen has an innovative leader in the food and meat packing industry ever since being established in the 1970s. Much of this has been because of the companies attempts at development of a wide range of cutting-edge technology. This has been something that OSI Industries has been working toward for several decades; however, the work paid off and the company grew from a butcher shop in Chicago to a supplier of McDonald’s first group of restaurants in the United States. Because of this initial success, the company has gone on to become a global food conglomerate and one of the largest in the world. All of this has been done with Sheldon Lavin in a leadership position, who has been the main force behind the companies innovation. Now, however, Mr. Lavin is looking to make OSI Industries not only more efficient, but more environmentally-friendly.

Because of this, sustainability has become one of the core aspects of any of the companies decisions; with that, the company has continued to decrease it’s environmental footprint across all of its processes. This journey toward better and more effective techniques has been ingrained in the companies DNA ever since it was first founded. This development for new marketing techniques and strategies is also at the forefront of OSI Industries’ attempts to become environmentally-friendly and increase sustainability. However, these innovative efforts have led to OSI, and Sheldon Lavin himself has received variety of a prestigious awards focused on sustainability.

Chief among these are the likes of the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, the Global Visionary Award, and the California Green Business Award. While Mr. Lavin is proud of how far the company has come in the past few decades, Lavin also says that there’s still a long journey ahead. Mr. Lavin helped to found the company, and has served on the board of OSI Industries since the mid-1970s. He was originally an investment manager and also served as a bank executive, but became involved in Otto & Sons, which eventually evolved into OSI. Throughout this, Sheldon Lavin has continued to bring the company from success to success. Click here.


David McDonald, Skillful Business Expert

David McDonald was born and grew up in Iowa. He own a degree in Animal Science. David McDonald is the leader of OSI group which acts as the food provider around the globe. He has worked with the company for three decades enabling the organization to achieve a lot. David McDonald ensures the global company is meeting international market needs through his team. The team ensures international market demands are met. For things to move smoothly, the team liaises with local marketers so that customer needs may be addressed. David McDonald through interview reveals his contributions to OSI group. He has never been troubled with OSI vision. He reveals their quality product ensures continuous flow of customers.

They becomes part of the community so that they can capture all the needs as a strategy. Company ability to make partnership lies his success. OSI Group has a capacity of twenty thousand workers all distributed in 65 branches in twenty nations. Its history is tied to American immigration. At the wake of 20th century Otto Kolschowsky was among German immigrants society who formed a quarter of the population in Chicago, Illinois. The city served as entrance for immigrants who were moving to the west and start farming at the plains. Kolschowsky in 1909 he opened a butchery to serve his people in Oak Park. At the end of First World War his business had grown to a wholesale.

In 1928, the business was renamed as Otto & Sons and it continued being stable in the American community. Ray Kroc started McDonald’s restaurant in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois and went to an agreement to be supplied with meat by Otto & Sons. In 1975 Otto & Sons hanged their name to OSI industries. After this transition and its close work with McDonald’s restaurants they have achieved a lot up to date. It has purchased Baho Foods an organization that focuses on deli meat and manufacturing other foods. This meant OSI Group to present themselves in European market. David McDonald has enabled the organization to set up ten Chinese firms specializing with poultry.

Bhanu Choudhrie: His Businesses and Tips for a Successful Business Venture

Bhanu Choudhrie is a renowned entrepreneur from India. He hails from the rich and famous Choudhrie family in the country that is said to have a net worth of $2Billion. The family is mainly based in Belgravia, London. Bhanu’s father, Sudhir is greatly known for his donor activities to the Liberal Democrats political party in the United Kingdom. He has various business interests. Bhanu Choudhrie and his father are very close and with a good relationship both personally and business-wise. After getting through his education, Choudhrie moved to the University of Boston in the United States to study international business and marketing. He later started his career at JP Morgan as an intern and C&C Alpha Group where he works till today.

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Since 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie has been an Executive Director at C&C Alpha Group. The company was founded by Choudhrie junior as a family business and has vast portfolios in the healthcare, real estate, utilities, aviation, and agriculture. The company also have a network of private investors with over 30 years of experience as venture capitalists. Choudhrie’s role in the company is to help incubate the businesses of the company and craft ways to grow them for maximum returns. Bhanu applies the Warren Buffet investment approach to investments.

In the company’s aviation interest, the company has set up the Alpha Aviation college in the UAE. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the company has a continuing training of 123 pilots. The company targets the growing aviation sector in the UAE serving more than 750 million passengers in a year. Bhanu also runs a utility firm, Sea Water Osmosis Desalination plant in Sharjah that generates and supplies over 0.5million gallons of water on a daily basis.

Asked about how he succeeds in business today, Bhanu Choudhrie says he is cautious about getting into new markets and chooses to concentrate on those known to him. Having a strong management team, understanding the business lifecycle and detailed evaluation of investments are also key for business success today.

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Neurocore Brain Training Company

Neurocore is a brain training company which was founded by Elisabeth DeVos and Timothy Royer in the year 2004. Neurocore centres are located in the Greater Detroit Area in Midwestern United States. Neurocore has grown to a national level and it now has nine brain training centers. Neurocore provides neurofeedback which solves the problem of mental illness and challenges of health concerning behaviours in individuals. Currently, there are two other basic ways of solving these issues of the brain which include psychotherapy and medication by doctors and therefore Neurocore is the third strategy which is operative and an efficient method. Neurofeedback tries to improve the ability of the brain to learn when fed with information about a certain aspect.

The main areas that Neurocore deals with are: signs and symptoms of ADHD, dealing with anxiety, depression, making the memory better, migraine relieve, stress management among other mental health issues disorders.

The first step includes analysis of the brain using the qEEG technology, testing of the heart rate and analysis of breathing among other tests so as to give a clear picture of what happening on an individual’s brain. The next step is the coming up with a personalized program through neurofeedback pieces of training which aim at improving the functionality of the system. Lastly is the final assessment which includes tests that shows whether a client has improved based on the results before.


Rebel Wilson’s New Role in the Cats Film

Very few actors cannot only capture their audience with every movie they produce, but to also stand out even in their personal lives. One such actor with such remarkable qualities is Rebel Wilson. Born in 1980, she won the world over with her incredible role as Fat Amy in the movie Pitch Perfect.

However, her rebelliousness did not start with her role as Fat Amy, she has had it all through her life, and this is what has helped her stand out in every character she takes on. She is not only funny; she is also confident and entirely down to earth. These qualities make her a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

But while Rebel Wilson’s career may look like it is one movie after the other, her road to becoming a successful actress was not that easy. She has had a canceled show, a few doubters along the way, and a break up while still chatting her way to success. However, her aggressive nature and determination prove that nothing can slow her down when it comes to becoming successful. Her transformation from a shy little girl to a fierce woman has been progressive, and this has helped bring out the actor in her.

According to Flare, Rebel Wilson developed her outstanding signature character at the age of 15. This happened after she read that a person’s character begins to set in stone when they get to 15. She then decided to speak up more and push herself to join more clubs. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

This has given her the courage she needs to act out even the most outrageous of roles. With her recently turning 39 on March 2, you can be sure that this is the beginning of greater things for Rebel.

After starring in remarkable movie roles in the past, 2019 has offered her a new position in an upcoming Cats movie. She shared the news using an Instagram post that documented her having fun during her birthday celebrations.

The pictures included her trying out a unique type of exercise called “catzercise.” She shared a video of herself and two of her friends performing the dance moves.

These dance moves were made while in cat costumes. She later began to sing praises of the workout and then took to Instagram to encourage people to try the new routine. Rebel also celebrated her birthday by attending a cake-making class, and this helped her bake her birthday cake.

The exerciser advertisement could not have come at a better time, having hit the stage for the production of Cats recently. In this movie, she stars as Jennyanydots alongside other famous costars like Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, and James Corden among others.

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