Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western activities include exploring, developing, and acquiring domestic oil and gas reserves in the southwest and Gulf Coast regions of the United States. Matthew H. Fleeger serves as the CEO for the managing venture company, founded in 1970, in Dallas, Texas. The firm builds partnerships with investors in the industry to combine their experience, resources, and talents. Each investor is educated to learn the benefits and risks of oil and gas exploration investments. Gulf Coast Western is also a philanthropist, financially supporting seven non-profit organizations and charities.

Gulf Coast Western

As managing venture partners, investors have 100 percent control over their joint ventures with protection. Gulf Coast Western conduct partnerships with complete transparency, honesty, and integrity. The oil and gas investment management company have acquired drilling locations, wells, acres of property, and leases, in Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In 2016, an acquisition transaction was closed to purchase Orbit Energy Partners, LLC. From 2013 to 2015, the firm acquired interests in 13 wells, 3,500 acres for drilling, and 29,000 acres in block leases.

During the same time, Mr. Fleeger acquired Frac Restraints, LLC and CND Energy Services, resulting in the formation of the subsidiary, Gulf Coast Western Energy Services. These acquisitions are for the main purpose of generating revenue with tax benefits. The investment opportunity offerings are for long-term with high expectations for success for joint venture partners and the company. Investors are provided with advisory resources and technology support in due diligence in all partnership agreements.

Gulf Coast Western

Philanthropy activities play a major role in giving back to communities and non-profit organizations, requiring millions of dollars in donations. The company supports children’s health, education, and medical research with Shriners Children, Medical Center of Dallas, Research Hospital, Smile Train, and Parish Episcopal School. Gulf Coast Western also contributes financially to The Family Place which helps families start a new beginning by providing housing and employment resources. These organizations help the homeless, cancer patients, and children suffering from diseases and illnesses. For 48 years, the investment partners continue to help non-profits with the mission of healing the sick and providing shelter.

How Sheldon Lavin Helped OSI Group Expand

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975 when the name was Otto &Sons. He would join the company after being urged by a major client. McDonald’s urged Lavin to make a commitment to Otto & Sons as the company grew. The company has been in the food processing industry for nearly 100 years. The company was started as a butcher shop by Otto Kolschowsky in the early 1900s. The company employs over 20,000 people in 17 different locations globally. The company served as a regional supplier of McDonald’s restaurants.

Sheldon Lavin would be at Otto & Sons when the name changed to OSI Industries in 1975. The company would open its’ first facility outside of Chicago, Illinois in 1977 when it opened a facility in West Jordan, Utah. The company would expand into Germany in 1978 and Spain in 1980. Lavin has been able to lead the company to become a very large private company. OSI Group is considered to be the 58th largest private company according to the Forbes List. The company generates revenue that surpassed $6 billion in 2016.  Join and Connect linkedin to see Sheldon Lavin’s full profile.

Sheldon Lavin led the company to create a joint venture with K&K Foods in 1987. K&K Foods is located in Taiwan and joint venture. It would be the first step for OSI Asia-Pacific. Three years later a company in the Philippines would form a joint venture with OSI in 1990. The company would create a presence in China and growth would be influenced by China World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001.

Sheldon Lavin also served other customers such as Yum and Starbucks. The work at OSI Group has led Lavin to win the Global Visionary Award in 2016. Sheldon Lavin won the award because he was able to achieve the goals he set. He has been able to take lead a butcher shop to become a global corporation that is worth billions of dollars. OSI-Vista Processed Foods is a food processing company that joined the OSI Group in 1995. The company has been able to help OSI Group serve other parts of the food industry. OSI Group would also add a frozen food business to its growing corporation.


What Has Contributed to The Success of Privinvest?

What Has Contributed to The Success of Privinvest?

Privinvest, which is one of the major players when it comes to shipbuilding, was founded more than two decades ago by Akram Safa and Iskandar Safa. The headquarters of this company is based in Lebanon. However, even though this company bases most of its operation here, it has other shipyards that it conducts other major operations.

Some of the areas where you can get the facilities of Privinvest are Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Greece. Each of these facilities has different things that it specializes in. Some of the things that these facilities specialize in are making military and commercial vessels, superyachts, transferring intellectual and technology property to different places, among other many other things.

Since when this company was started in 1990. It has managed to build and deliver more than 2000 vessels and other products to around 40 countries. This company also provides its products and services to six national navies around the world as well as different private clients. Therefore, this company has managed to make a great name for itself which is what makes it get invites to work with such major facilities.

At the moment, this company is currently working on a variety of unique projects ranging from vessels repair and maintenance to protection and surveillance of Exclusive economic zones. On top of the shipbuilding activities that this company is mostly known for, it also invests in other things such as R&D in the Marine Renewable Energies and a startup company that mostly deals with tidal and river turbines for green energy (Hydroquest).

This company also manages to operate easily and efficiently in the media industry through the help of its affiliate Privinvest Media and the real estate and hospitality sectors. It has also employed many people worldwide which is one of the things that has increased its popularity.

Raffaele Riva, Powerhouse Entrepreneur In The International Business Sector.

Raffaele Riva is a successful entrepreneur who works in various business fields such as, trust investing, wealth planning, international business and real estate. Riva is also the president and founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, which works with a variety of organizations in the international business sector.

Raffaele Riva’s dedication and drive earned him several degrees throughout his life. He earned an Economics degree from the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. He also received a Dottore Commercialista degree from the same university that allowed him to work as an accountant in Italy. In addition, Raffaele has also received two post graduate degrees.

Raffaele savvy personality and enthusiasm have helped him become a powerhouse within the industry and the companies he works for. He believes his passion for those companies is what has given him the success he’s earned. Raffaele Riva’s focus on innovation and acquiring new knowledge is what provides him with more ideas and opportunities to help his companies expand to new heights. Raffaele believes that focusing on current trends and evolving technologies will allow for continued growth for his companies, and help improve life for his clients.

Raffaele Riva allows his passion to be the determining factor for what new business ventures he should purse. He enjoys becoming involved in new projects, not only because he is satisfied from innovation and value that benefits the clients he works for, but also for their successful financial outcomes. His passion and life experience are his ultimate guide through business opportunities. He is committed to trusting his gut, maintaining a positive outlook, and also executing diligence and follow-through.

Raffaele’s success comes from his zest for life and business, love for reading, desire to always acquire new knowledge, stay abreast of the latest technology, and staying up-to-date on world news and events.

Investment Firm HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Updates on the Financial Markets

The investment management firm HCR Wealth Advisors has recently provided updates about the latest developments in the financial markets. This past month, the firm has provided its clients and other individuals interested in finance with news about the stock and bond markets. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, the stock market has surged in recent months. As a result, many people have been able to profit off of their invested stocks. The economy looks to be very healthy as well. However, the bond market has gone in decline and is therefore not as prosperous as the stock market. Due to both markets having opposite results, many investors are quite skeptical about the true nature of the current economic conditions.


With the stock market reaching historic highs during the month of May, many financial experts believe that the economy is flourishing and will for the foreseeable future. While the stock market reached historic highs in May, it went back down to normal levels in June and then experienced more high gains in July. The stock market appears to be quite healthy and prosperous as of right now. As a result, investing in the stock market remains quite profitable for investors. However, most investors believe that the markets will eventually go down and they have a more bearish outlook on the markets as a result.

During a span of 121 consecutive months, the United States economy has experienced consistent growth. This expansion has been the longest in the nation’s history.  While this is very encouraging news, some experts wonder if a recession is likely to occur in the near future. While a recession is possible, it is not likely due to low inflation, low unemployment and a stock market that is not experiencing excessive gains.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a financial services firm based in Southern California. It was founded in 1988 and has been serving a wide variety of clients for over three decades. The firm prides itself in offering autonomous investment management services to its clients. It focuses on the client and this allows clients to make more informed investment decisions without any pressure. HCR Wealth Advisors provides services such as financial advisory, financial planning, and investment management.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Jose Auriemo Neto The Leadership That Transformed JHSF?

The Brazilian real estate holding, JHSF, spent the last four decades pioneering upscale building development locally and internationally. It emerged on the Brazilian market back in 1972. It has since spearheaded numerous high profile projects and accomplished critical business expansion, which has made it a market leader. The group actively competes in the residential and commercial landscapes. It’s had extensive experience developing international corporate airports, high-end shopping malls, and luxury hotels. With its success locally, JHSF controls a significant market share as an industry leader. It has regional offices spread across three Brazilian capital cities: Manaus, São Paulo, and Salvador. Its global positioning is equally influential, as it continues to increase its business footprint overseas. It now has operations in New York, US and European connections in Uruguay.

Jose Auriemo Neto heads the Brazilian real estate developer, JHSF, where he functions as principal and chair. The company chose him as the sole successor, while his business partner Fabio continued optimization efforts to strengthen the group’s position as a real estate investor. The duo previously shared leadership duties as stakeholders, before Jose Auriemo Neto assumed the CEO role. Since he took up office, he’s made several transformations, including renaming the group, JHSF. Before his new appointment as chief executive, the group was JHF. Since Jose Auriemo Neto assumed leadership, JHSF expanded its collection of subsidiaries. The new CEO was a driving agent in the merger transaction, involving Fasano Group Hotels.

He also supervised multiple acquisitions that propelled the real estate holding to the top. Neto witnessed countless transformational events throughout his tenure with the group. When the company dissolved its leadership, Neto succeeded the previous chairman in 2014. JHSF has transformed significantly under his expertise management, which boosted its economic and social status. One monumental achievement the group has had is being the first venture to develop a shopping center that features a consumer-centric subway. As a venture that’s big on customer satisfaction, it introduced the service to enhance the consumer journey. It also launched a luxury clothing outlet, Catarina Fashion House, which enabled the real estate holding to enter a new market. The subsidiary received positive feedback and became an influential brand.


Vijay Eswaran Is An Entrepreneur Dedicated To Making A Difference

Being able to help others was an important factor in the decisions Vijay Eswaran made when he began his career in direct sales by founding QI Group back in 1998 when the internet was still in its early stages of existence. The internet played an important role in the success that QI Group has achieved over the years as they were the first company to start using it in order to participate in the lucrative world of e-commerce. At the time, e-commerce was an even newer concept than the internet and Vijay Eswaran notes that no other direct sales company in the world had begun implementing it in their own business plans at that point. After seeing the success that QI Group had through e-commerce, many established direct sales companies began following their example in the following years.

Since Vijay Eswaran founded the QI Group, he has had the opportunity to touch many different lives around the world through his work and also through the philanthropy efforts that are made through his company. Philanthropy is important to the entrepreneur and his company runs multiple initiatives that are designed to help others while giving back to society. One of these initiatives, the Vijayaraatnam Foundation is led by his wife Umayal who serves as its Chairwoman. While the company is based in both Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Hong Kong, the philanthropical work that is done through QI Group impacts people in many different countries and territories throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

When it comes to the power of direct sales to impact lives, Vijay Eswaran is always looking for even more ways to help the people who promote his products make even more money for themselves as well as the company. He is driven to create the best products and marketing tools possible for the entrepreneurs that are involved with QI Group for the benefit of everyone involved including his business, his promoters, and their customers. By getting the opinions and ideas from a diverse group of people Vijay Eswaran has been able to create a company that appeals to many different types of people as well. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews #5

The Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is one of the most advanced medical-aesthetics facilities in the Southeast. This amazing facility was founded by Dr. Jennifer Walden, and this woman has built a solid resume of success. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an established author, a media personality as well as philanthropist. This former all-state soccer player comes from a family of medical professionals. Dr. Walden’s overall background has destined her for great success, and the results speaks for itself. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews can be used to get a better sense for who this woman truly is and what she stands for. Here are some of the public’s actual statements.


Reviewer L said that “I’ve always known Dr. Walden to be a phenomenal cosmetic surgeon because I reside here in Austin, Texas. She’s a celebrated figure that possesses a heart of gold thanks to her philanthropic work. On the medical side of things, Dr. Walden has accrued many industry-related wards, and she was guided by some of the most influential figures in cosmetic surgery. I’ve never had plastic surgery, but I’ve heard many people speak highly about this woman.” Reviewer F said that “I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my medical-aesthetic procedure. Dr. Jennifer Walden possesses the ability to make you feel extremely comfortable when consulting with her. I’ve always thought that plastic surgery was invasive, but she has presented me with many noninvasive treatments. Bravo to Dr. Jennifer Walden.”

The positive reports from Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews can be seen as a gamechanger to some degree. This board-certified plastic surgeon is the real deal so to speak, and she has a proven track record to backup all claims.

Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings – What You Need To Know About This Lender

Equities First Holdings is one of the most trusted firms in the lending industry. The company has been in business since 2002 and specializes in alternative lending. Its loans can be obtained by surrendering a stock portfolio. This serves as collateral and will be returned to the borrower. Reliable professionals are available to help borrowers navigate the loan process.

OSI Food Solutions Takes Note of The Environment

In the face of environmental issues, it is more important than ever that industries that consume a large amount of energy or produce a certain amount of waste heed to the calls for change. After all, if we are to leave a better planet for our future generations, then we would need to take some drastic actions.

While some companies are playing catch up with sustainability efforts, other firms such as OSI Food Solutions have been one step ahead of their counterparts.

Over the past few decades, OSI Food Solutions has been integral to the development of various processed food and meat products. With its state of the art solutions, the company has been able to provide high quality processed foods to a number of clients, including large scale entities such as McDonald’s.

Learn about OSI Food Solution at Quantum

The company holds its operations over 17 countries and 65 facilities. With over 20,000 employees to its name, the firm has massive resources and an impressive infrastructure to perform its day to day operations.

But the sheer strength of its operations hasn’t let the leaders at OSI Food Solutions forget about their responsibility towards the environment.

That is the reason why the company has its research and development department highly focused on sustainability practices, where the personnel are able to find crucial statistics and solutions that could help the company continue with its operations, while also being highly focused on their impact on the environment.

This is carried out by two dedicated Culinary Innovation Centers, which are based in the U.S. and China. This is in addition to a separate Research & Development Center that is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Through these dedicated resources, the company pays the utmost attention to sustainability and employs environmentally friendly practices on a consistent basis. Whether it is about disposing of waste or limiting energy use, having a low carbon footprint or maximizing efficiency to save resources, the company has been at the forefront of these solutions throughout the past few decades.

This is something that has been recognized by other entities, with the company and its leaders receiving multiple accolades due to their commitment to sustainability. With these practices in place, OSI Food Solutions hopes to be doing its part in terms of contributing to a better planet.

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