Expansion is a definite sign of growth and a successful company. Expansion is one of the greatest visions of a budding company that wants to make a major impact. OSI Industries is one of those companies. From the early beginnings when the company was once formed to where the company is currently today, expansion has been a mission of the meat maker. Expansion is what they are currently and rapidly doing. A meat market that sprung forth a billion dollar meat production company may come as a surprise to the founder. But thanks to the founders work ethics and viewpoint on serving great quality, that baby meat market has reached a magnitude of success.

The meat market was founded in 1909 in Oak Park. Oak Park is a suburb of Chicago. The company has kept its Illinois roots by having a large presence in the state with its main headquarters being located there. The German immigrant that first started the company eventually had to expand to Maywood, another suburb of Chicago. This was an early example of how OSI Industries was destined to bloom and expand. Otoo & Sons became the name of the meat market by 1928. The sons of the founder took their father’s baby business to the next level by partnering with McDonald’s.

Over the course of the last century, OSI Industries has grown from a meat market to a regional partner with McDonald’s to a billion dollar corporation. From the very beginning, growth and expansion was an evident mission for this company. Currently, the meat production corporation is launching a plan to open and develop a total of sixty five facilities. These facilities will operate as production and logistics hubs for the company. With the opening of more facilities, the company will also hire more workers. These facilities will be displayed amongst many different countries. OSI Industries is a global leader in its field. It is a pioneer that wants to drive the food production industry further and faster by expanding with more facilities, having the latest technologies, equipping staff with training and the best tools and placing their customers as number one.

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