OSI Industries is one of America’s top 100 companies. This particular company has the means to provide a number of high-quality services such as processing, creating, distributing and managing. If you’re a client of OSI, then you have a wide selection of foods to choose from, including pot roast, fritters, pulled pork, turkey products, pasta, sauces, onions, fruit, beef patties, hotdogs, steak and numerous others. Though this company started out very small, it has grown at a dramatic rate ever since the 1970s. This is the timeframe of when the Kolschowski family decreased their day to day actions with the company. Sheldon Lavin, a finance-consulting guru, was awarded with the title of being the company’s new chief executive officer.

By focusing heavily on domestic and foreign expansion, OSI Industries has been experiencing record-breaking growth. Lavin is one of the main causes for fueling the company’s desire to grow. As of today, OSI has nearly 21,000 employees, and it has factories in an estimated 17 countries. Lavin has used his experience in accounting and in business to put this plan into motion. Thanks to owning a finance consulting firm in Chicago, he has been able to implement certain aspects into OSI. Back in 2016, OSI Industries spent a whopping $7.4 million for one of Tyson Foods’ factories in Chicago. This acquisition has benefited the company in a number of ways because it is located in close proximity to some of OSI’s other factories.

Flagship Europe is another great acquisition that the company has made, and this acquisition gives OSI Industries much more exposure in several European nations. Flagship Europe was rebranded as Creative Foods Europe in 2018. This name change won’t affect the company’s actual products, but it will give Creative Foods Europe a fresh start.

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