It was in 1909 that a brave immigrated decided to launch a business in Chicago. This meat market became a staple for the immigrant community settling into their new life in America. This meat market symbolized a place where immigrants could gather discuss their life and plan their future. It became the home of some of the best quality burgers in the entire city. BY 1928, this meat market was renamed Otto & Sons. It truly became a family business that for generations pushed this company to new heights.

Today, OSI Food Solutions has expanded from its meat market in Chicago and conquered the world by opening dozens of facilities across many countries. The company was founded on the morals and standards of placing a high priority customer service. They work extremely hard to please their clients with their logistics business model and their conceptual food ideas. They work to make sure customers ultimately get the food they want when they want the food. Creating food solutions is not easy. But OSI Food Solutions has learned and conquered this industry with its excellent customer service, one of a kind strategies and its ability to create future plans of revolutionizing the industry.

One of the main reasons why this company has been able to dominate in the marketplace is due to its broad spectrum of partners and companies. What once was a family ran meat market is now a company that houses several smaller companies within its entire brand. They have expanded into so many different markets due to the acquisition of supermarkets, private label brands and more facilities. When OSI Food Solutions made this choice it allowed the company to offer more to their partners and clients. OSI Food Solutions is dedicated to bringing customers a wide variety of products. They want to meet the needs of everyone that works with them. They also want to create products in facilities that do not cause harm to the world around us. Sustainability is their next mission. They have a lot of work ahead of them but are passionate and committed to pleasing their customers.

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