Niranjan Shah is the founding partner of the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation as well as the Globetrotters International, Inc., Globetrotters International is a company based in Chicago with a deep interest in engineering, consulting, architectural as well as construction management services. Niranjan Shah was born in India and later moved to the United States to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Birla Engineering College.

In 1970, Niranjan Shah moved to go united states to acquire his Master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Mississippi. He later returned to Chicago in 1972 and founded Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974. The company’ had its first office in southern Chicago with Niranjan Shah as its full-time employee. The company has seen a remarkable improvement in employing more than 200 technical and professional employees over the past decade. Notably, the company is one of the leading providers of the engineering, facility management as well as architectural firm in the United States

Niranjan Shah received his professional license, which is an operation state such as Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, consequently leading to the establishment of the company’s offices in other countries. He fathers his engineering education by taking a management program from the Harvard business school. Additionally, he is also e member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Under his leadership, Globetrotters has finished a wide range of publications and research for the federal agencies published in several journals. Some of the projects include the Development of Compaction Criteria for Coal Waste Embankments and Marginal Materials for Use in Low-Volume Roads, which have been utilized in the United States.

Outside his leadership at Globetrotters organization, Niranjan shah has actively participated in the public services as well as community-driven efforts. His philanthropic nature has seen him support a myriad of organizations which includes Sister Cities International, Leading India’s Future Today (LIFT), and The Shah Center at McHenry County College.

Niranjan Shah has served in numerous boards, the committee as well as commission. He was appointed to serves in the commission of the Economic Development Commission for the City of Chicago in 1991. Additionally, he was the board member of the Laboratory Schools of the University of Chicago in 1991. He has received many awards for his accomplishments and philanthropic causes in India and the United States.

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