Branding building is something Nicolas Krafft knows all too well. He knows the marketing and advertising it takes to create a narrative that turns a small brand into a household name. The proof of his understanding of brand building is evident in what he has accomplished or L’Oreal. In all fairness, L’Oreal existed before him. Yet, the company has reached massive success due to his grand leadership and ability to envision what should come next for the makeup maker. What’s next for L’Oreal? Being the leading maker of drugstore makeup that specializes in creating products that are highly inclusive.

L’Oreal is a brand. Truly, it is a brand because it respects and appreciates the feedback and opinions of what their customers want. Nicolas Krafft is making sure this brand remains true to its essence and remains a legend in the world of cosmetics by deeply connecting with customers. From deeply connecting with customers through means of digital strategy, the executive has learned how important inclusivity is important to customers.

L’Oreal decided to debut its strict desire to be an inclusive brand at their latest fashion show. This show delivered ultimate beauty and fashion to attendants who joined L’Oreal at their Parisam show. Located in Paris, France the models captivated the audience with their bodacious makeup and bold wardrobe. The models spoke of inclusivity as there was a diverse lineup of them that strutted on the floating catwalk.

Nicolas Krafft has been an instrumental part of the development of this brand for many years. He has engineered its digital strategy which has truly transformed the brand to be seen as inclusive to all people. Product development, marketing, digital strategy, and the many multinational operations L’Oreal handles all fall under his leadership. His influence over the company is large. His influence over what customers see on the shelves of stores is large. Thus, he takes this job seriously by connecting with customers and understanding their wants in a company like L’Oreal. Nicolas Krafft is an outstanding businessman, leader and role model to other people wanting to rise to the ranks of a company.