Mortgage lending is one of the keys to helping people attain homeownership. When looking to buy a home, a person will need to get funding to complete the purchase of a home. Home loans come in two distinct categories that many prospective borrowers should know about. The most common type of mortgage financing is qualified mortgages which are loan programs that meet government standards. While these programs are often beneficial, some borrowers are better off with an alternative option when looking to finance a home. This alternative is known as a non qualified mortgage which goes beyond the usual government standards. Michael Nierenberg of New Residential Investment Corp has been active in promoting this mortgage lending option to prospective borrowers.

For the past few years Michael Nierenberg of New Residential Investment Corp has been involved in recommending non qualified mortgage loan programs to both investor and homeowners. One of the things that he has done is introduce real estate investment trusts which have proven to help investors manage their capital. With real estate investment trusts, a number of investors have been able to make better decisions when looking to better allocate their capital in various real estate holdings. New Residential Investment Corp led by Michael Nierenberg has been among the most dependable entities when it comes to helping investors get consistent returns on real estate and mortgage backed assets.

Qualified mortgages have been a bit of a concern to a number of many individuals seeking a mortgage. These types of loans often have very rigid underwriting standards. As a result, a number of people have been denied a mortgage due to not meeting one of these particular guidelines. Borrowers such as foreign nationals, sellers of distressed properties and self employed individuals have been denied a mortgage. However, financial institutions such as New Residential Investment Corp led by Michael Nierenberg have been able to offer non qualified mortgages to these people. With the non qualified mortgages, these types of borrowers have been able to get the mortgage financing they need more easily. As a result, they have been able to successfully overcome one of the biggest obstacles to purchasing real estate.