Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is a leading provider of research and processing documents for the mortgage and financial industries. The company has launched a website where individuals can order property reports. This comes after a long-term problem of title defects in the real estate industry, which has resulted into wrongful foreclosures and slow transition of assets in the secondary market. The executives of NTC pointed out that property records are the basis of clear title conveyance. It reduces the possible occurrence of buyback or failure to foreclose. Title defects mostly occur when an individual or an entity claims a property that is owned by someone else.

Other factors that contribute to title defects are wording mistakes in the document. According to the real estate standards for a specific area, omission of an important signature, inclusion of previous encumbrances and wrong document recording or filling procedures may occasion title defects. John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, insisted that observing title defects before selling a property is significant. Through their updated website, investors can access the following property reports online; Tax Status Report, Tax Status (Plus) Report, Assignment Verification Report Services, and Current Owner Report.

NTC uses multiple sources to obtain data. County offices are major source of such information. Due to automation that involves human verification, NTC has successfully served numerous top lenders in the United States using the highly audited compliance regulations. Hillman said that their property research services are a product of thorough research conducted from original land records and are available to any residential property countrywide. NTC officials stated that apart from the accurate results that they offer, clients could benefit from financial assessment of a report when ordering many fields and additional documents that may not be of help to the end user. This information was originally reported on National Mortgage News website as outlined in this link

About Nationwide Clearing, Inc

NTC was established in 1991. The company is famed for offering innovative services and efficient document processing that tops the industry standards. They ensure that homeowners are protected by preserving land records and helping the mortgage banking industry with required information. NTC fulfills the county’s requirements of documents in all 3,600 jurisdictions nationwide. Due to their excellent performance in the industry, they are recipients of the Hire Power Award for two consecutive years. In 2013, they were ranked position 26 among the fastest growing firms in Tampa Bay.  This information was originally mentioned on Bloomberg as provided in the following link


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