The New Residential Investment Corp. is an investment firm that aims to provide valuable investment returns to their clients through dividends. The company has been publicly traded through the New York Stock Exchange, and they managed to gain a lot of investors lately making them more valuable. The New Residential Investment Corp. focuses on investments that have something to do with real estate and property development, and they benefited from the mortgage loans increased experienced in the United States since the beginning of the decade. The $21 trillion U.S. property market has become a valuable investment for their clients, and those who have invested in the New Residential Investment Corp. had made a lot of money especially after the U.S. financial crisis hit. The company today is still making a huge amount of money because of the continued trust from their clients, and more people are discovering how they could end up successfully by investing their money in the New Residential Investment Corp.

The company’s success can be attributed to the people who currently lead them, and in the case of the New Residential Investment Corp., Michael Nierenberg is considered to be the reason why their still keep on becoming a competitive institution in the field. Michael Nierenberg has served as the company’s Board Chairman, the chief executive officer, and the president. Michael Nierenberg has been in the finance industry for years, and he served different companies under different roles since his career in the industry began. He has become a part of the JP Morgan family, the Bear Stearns family, and the Lehman Brothers family. Later on, he decided to work for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He joined the company in 2008, serving as managing director. He was also given the position to handle the global mortgages department as well as the securitized products department, and it helped him to become more knowledgeable in the field.

Michael Nierenberg continues to bring new clients to invest in the New Residential Investment Corp. and he stated that the company has a lot of potentials, especially now that the economy of the United States is recovering and more people are becoming interested in investing their money with the company.

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