Recently, Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessperson, gave tips about how businesses can improve their business by investing in their employees.


One of his tips is that Chenevert has for investing in employees is that the employers make the workplace a place that the employees want to come to. He does not want employees who spend the watching the clock, waiting for the time that the workday ends. None of the employees should be pitted against each other or making it difficult for their colleagues to enjoy being at the company. Where they take a break should be fun common spaces, not a break room with two tables. Employees, who enjoy their workspaces, are productive workers so it is worth it making the company a place to be.


Another tip that Chenevert is that reward workers for their hard work. One obvious way to reward is to have Employee the Month award. They are a bit of a cliché, but they do work as employees will feel that their hard work is worth it if they can get something for their hard work. This award must be done consistently every month to improve the chances that an employee can get one. A gift certificate or a gift could be another way to reward an employee for going the extra mile. A day off or extended lunch periods could be good ways to reward an employee.


If a business does not mind making the investment, they could start an Employee Scholar Program. This program will help pay employees for more education if they can’t afford it themselves. Chenevert makes it clear that the employer does not have to pay for all the expenses involved in getting the education. The employer should at least pay 20 percent of the cost of the education. It would help if they were getting degrees or certificates that help the company.


With these tips, Chenevert does believe that the morale of employees will improve and will make them happy, productive workers.