The Internet of Things has become a reality. Objects connected to the internet now include medical equipment, cars and toothbrushes. This technology is impacting the airline industry. Budgeting for the Internet of Things or IoT is occurring for 37 percent of the airlines. These resources will be implemented by an additional 55 percent within three years. Jason Hope is a futurist and technological entrepreneur. He has shard his ideas concerning the expected improvements for air travel. An excellent example is the Boeing 787. The entire plane is connected through a wireless network. Data is continuously analyzed in real time. This means if the engine is not performing correctly during a flight, the necessary parts are waiting with the ground crew upon landing.

Jason Hope is also interested in the customer service within the airline industry. Airline passengers have not been happy with the unpredictable prices of tickets, the increased security and the deregulations during the past few years. This is being improved with IoT. Check in has become easier due to email boarding passes and assigned seats. Beacons will soon be acting as personal guides for the passengers. There will even be sensors for people lost and wandering through the airport. The person will receive directions through a wearable or mobile device including the estimated time for the walk. The device will even inform the person they need to run if the plane door will be closing within minutes.

The creature comforts offered by the airlines have been discussed by Jason Hope as well. Sensors in the seats will be able to detect if the passenger is uncomfortable with the temperature, has low hydration levels or is fatigued. Corrections will be made by the cabin crews. Some airlines have a service to track pets. This means the passenger can check their cat or dog during the flight for their locations temperature, light and humidity. Technology will also be a part of the luggage tags. The passenger will virtually track luggage from the check in point until the final destination. Some airlines have already established a simple system but in the future the bags will find the passengers. They will sense their owners in the claim area.

Jason Hope has always believed in the future of the IoT. This will optimize fuel efficiency for airlines and completely change the future of the industry. The future of technology has started to arrive.

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