James River Capital is one of the leaders in the investment industry and it has been at the top of the industry for several years. Its numerous awards are good pointers to this fact. Recently, Paul Saunders, who is the CEO of James River Capital, gave some tips on hiring. The tips have been outlined below.

Ask relevant questions

An interview is meant to check if an applicant has the right knowledge, skills, experience, and attributes to work in your company. So, it is better to tailor your questions to that purpose. A wrong hire could cost your company hundreds of dollars and wasted time. You must get it right from the beginning.

Don’t rush

When you hire in a hurry, you’re more likely to end up with the wrong employees. All the time you saved during the recruitment will be lost when some of them tender their resignation when you need them most. Then, you’ll be forced to re-hire people who will replace them. So, it is better to take your time while hiring. Only very little red flags will escape you.

Involve your team members

When hiring, it is necessary to involve some of your team members. After all, the new hire will work with them. So, they should have a say in the kind of person they want. They may be looking for certain traits in the new employees.

Consider your company’s culture

You should hire someone whose personality fits the culture of your company. To do that, you must make your culture very clear to applicants. For instance, if your job requires that your employees should get to meet new people and have conversations with them, someone who’s reserved may find it quite difficult.

Don’t base your judgment on only paper qualifications

Although you need paper qualifications to assess applicants, you also need to consider their attributes because qualifications are of no use without the right attitude. A qualified employee who keeps calling in sick cannot be productive.

Conclusively, you need to apply all the tips above because nothing kills companies faster than having square pegs in round holes.