JACK PLOTKINMore professionals are joining the field of healthcare technology. This industry has long-shown promise, and now, more people have shown interest because it is an area that exhibits immense growth. Aside from being a good business opportunity, this industry has the capacity to impact millions of lives and touch them in a meaningful way.

That being said, shifting into this career is not as easy as you may think. Jack Plotkin, the Chief Technology Officer of Virtual Health, a telehealth company with the goal of providing healthcare remotely to patients, shared his experiences within this industry. He said this is one of those careers where you need to be patient. After all, as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.

Doctors and healthcare professionals are often resistant to changes, especially towards something as radical as telehealth. Even if you assure them of your devices’ safety and show evidence, they will still exercise caution and take time to warm up to the newer methods. Before laparoscopic and robotic surgeries were en vogue, doctors still preferred their traditional yet more invasive methods. Over time, when they saw that these treatments were indeed less invasive and better for their patients, they adopted to the changes.

Jack Plotkin also noted that you need to be willing to break barriers to excel in this industry. Because you need to quash down old rules, you have to be firm and steadfast. You must not waver at the first sign of defeat. Telehealth has the capacity to revolutionize medical care, with people wearing digital diagnostic and monitoring tools. This makes it possible for them to get a full assessment without even having to leave their homes. Doctors will be able to access their medical files with a flick of a finger.


This promising future is made possible by leveraging technology. Jack Plotkin noted that the healthcare industry is closely regulated, so they must of course comply with all the safety standards. Their clients can rest assured that whatever they have in the market has been tested, regulated, and proven safe.