Isabel Dos Santos is someone who stands as a visionary and an icon in the business world, mainly because she is one of the most influential women in Africa. Santos currently ranks as the richest woman in Africa and has served as one of the most notable names within the business world. Being one of the more well-known names within the industry is not always an easy task, especially for someone who had to stand tall in a male-dominated world. But Santos showed her incredible skill and understanding of different sectors and came forward as someone who was incredibly business and profit oriented.

Isabel has had a brilliant education to back up all that she does. From an early age, Isabel dos Santos knew that if she truly wanted to make a name for herself, she would have to work hard at achieving her goals. Her father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos also pushed her to work harder at all that she did. She also received an incredible education during her formative years, attending an all-girls boarding school n Kent and then King’s College in London.

Finance is one field that Santos is particularly well versed with. She has worked with a number of companies, offering them sound investment advice when it comes to the investments that they need to make. Her understanding of the finer intricacies of this field is something that helped Santos in her career, giving her the reputed name that she currently has.

Real estate is something that Santos has been interested in, and this has led her to several successful business ventures all over the world. One of the first real estate ventures that Isabel dos Santos took on was in the country of Portugal. Santos wanted to invest in this country because of the strong potential that stood within its industries. She partnered up with several well-known companies from Portugal itself to help bring these ideas to life. Seeing the success of this first venture, she decided to partake in any more. The next destination that she choose to invest in was her home country itself, which also proved to be incredibly profitable.

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