Isabel dos Santos is the most successful Angolan businesswoman. She is also recognized among the most influential leaders in Africa. She is the president of the largest telecommunication company in Africa; Unitel. She has a vast of experience in other fields such as infrastructure, economic developments and introduction of emerging technologies. This has created employment opportunities for over 50,000 people in Angola and the surrounding countries. In addition to these fields, Isabel dos Santos has other interests in entertainment, energy, media production, finance, and construction. She has a remarkable educational background; she acquired her degree, BS Electrical Engineering from King’s College in London.

In 2019, the list of African millionaires dropped from 2018’s 23 to 20. The reason for this fall is explained by the falling price of shares that are held by the millionaires as well as the decreasing value of the African money. Among the 20 millionaires, only four maintained their previous positions in the list. Although her wealth fell from 2.7 billion euros to 2.3 billion euros, Isabel dos Santos rose up the index, holding the eighth position. This was due to a devaluation of her shares in Galp, Unitel and Nos, a renowned telecommunication company. Although her wealth depreciated, she rose from 9th position to 8th position.

The wealthiest person in Africa has been Aliko Dangote for the last eight years with his fortunes at $10.3 billion. This is, however, a decrease of $2 billion from 2018 due to the reduction in the value of shares in his Dangote Cement Company. The second richest is Mike Adenuga from Nigeria with wealth value of $9.2 billion from his communications company; Globacom. The third richest in Africa is Nicky Oppenheimer from South Africa. His fortune is valued at $7.3 billion.

From the list, only two women appear; Isabel dos Santos and Folorunsho Alakijada from Nigeria. Her fortune valued at $1.1 billion. The youngest billionaire on the list is Mohammed Dewji, 43, with $1.9 billion while the oldest is Othman Benjolloum, 86, with $1,700 million. Ranking by country, South Africa and Egypt has most millionaires on the list with five individuals each. Nigeria follows them with four people, Morocco with two, Algeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Angola with one millionaire each. Isabel dos Santos represents Angola in the list.